Tips for Effective Event Planning


If you are planning to host an event which could be a corporate event, seminar or workshop with the intent of furthering the interests of the business enterprise, you must realise that it is well-nigh impossible to do so single-handedly and that you will need a team of dedicated people who can help you in making the event a success. Although you also have the option of hiring a professional event planning company that would have the expertise to plan and organise such an event successfully and would also take the load off your head, you will get a certain thrill in doing all the planning and organising the event and the business enterprise will be able to save mega bucks. For effective event planning, you need to take care of the following aspects.

Get an Overall View of the Event

At the outset, you need to identify the 6 P’s of event planning: Purpose, People, Product, Place, Price and Process. In this connection, you must first address the following aspects.

What is the purpose of holding the event; who are the people who will attend the event; What is the product of the event and what will you do for that; when and at which place will the event take place; what will be the cost (price) of the event; and what will be the process for getting the job done.

Build an Event Team
Having set out the skeleton of the event, you need to build an event team that will be your arms to handle each aspect of the event planning. You need to choose trained people who will understand what you want and do the work according to your plans. You will then have to create a checklist of all the things that you think will need to be executed within the specified timelines. The checklist will help you to allocate the work to the different members of your team according to their capabilities and expertise. You should also have complete information regarding the contacts of the suppliers in case you need to get in touch with them in an emergency. A back-up list of suppliers is also necessary just in case one of the key suppliers fails to meet the target. You should engage the best suppliers if budget permits.

The most important part of planning an event is to know the budget for the event and tailor-make its various aspects such as the menu, venue rent, decorations, transportation, and payments to suppliers and vendors, within the budget.

Selecting the proper venue for your event is of prime importance because the success of the event is dependent on the location and the quality of the venue to a great extent. If you do not select a centrally located venue where delegates and attendees can reach with ease, you will find that many people might skip the event. If you are holding the event in London, you need to make sure that the venue is located in or around central London because most business offices are located here and there are many tube and rail stations with easy connectivity to other places of the city. The Montcalm London is an ideal place to hold any event because it is centrally located and it offers a business centre and meeting rooms where conferences and other events can be held and all necessary technical and staff help is provided. The venue should be booked well in advance of the event.

Maintain Effective Communication 

You should maintain effective communication with your clients and other invitees and keep them informed about the updates related to the event. This will help you in building a personal connection as the invitees will get a sense of involvement.

Advertise Your Event
You should advertise your event extensively as promotion is a vital activity and an effective way of reaching out to your business prospects. Various media channels such as newspapers and television can be used to advertise and increase the attendee list. The social sites can also be utilised for this purpose. You should also identify a theme and incorporate that theme into all aspects of the event.

Create an Online Presence
With the proliferation of internet technology and its extensive usage, setting up an online presence will be useful and effective. You should create a website for the purpose of event campaigns and for providing informational content on the site. The website will also be of great help in processing the event registration and making all transactions online, within just a few minutes.

Organising an event within a limited amount of budget can be a challenge but the following tips will help you.

Mind Your Pennies
Create a budget before spending a penny, and allow the budget to guide the purchasing decisions. You should try to get a 10 percent emergency fund for any emergency but it is always good to plan the event based on 90 percent of the available funds. By doing so from the very beginning you will be safe.

Finding the right location can matter a lot in meeting your budget. Moreover, if you organise the event at a central London hotel such as Montcalm London, you can save a lot of money because of its location and its facilities. Attendees will find it easy to locate the venue.

Depend More on Digital Communication than on Paper Usage

Minimise use of paper communication for invitations, programmes, promotional flyers, brochures and tickets and depend more on digital technology for e-mail marketing, ticketing and advertising work.