Top Parks for You and Your Pup

Hyde Park London

There’s nothing like watching your dog run around on green grass – their sheer joy is enough to boost your mood for the whole week!

Fortunately, the great city of London isn’t only for the career women and men, there is also room for your canine friend. As a whole, it’s a dog-friendly city, with many indoor establishments welcoming well-training pooches in addition to outdoor areas.

Speaking of outdoor areas, we’ve put together a list of the best parks in London that allow dogs, making them a perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon with man’s best friend.

St. George Square Gardens

Jump on the tube with your pup and get off at Pimlico Station. Keep in mind that this station is equipped with escalators, so plan your route accordingly.

If you’ve got your pup in tow, you’ll want to head towards the south end of St George Square Gardens for the dog exercise area. Make sure that you close the gates of the park as you exit and enter. Not only will this keep dogs inside the park, but it’ll prevent people from assuming it’s a regular park area, as opposed to a dog park. It’s hard to tell the difference, though, as the garden is beautifully decorated with lush trees and bushes.

If you and your pup enjoy sitting down and enjoying the outdoors, you’ll be glad to know that there are four benches for you to plant your behind on. There are also seven bins for you to dispose of your dog waste and any other treats or toys you might being with you.

Please note: If you’re worried about your large dog escaping, take into consideration that the fence is 150 cm high.

Hyde Park

If you’re at one of the luxury hotels near Bayswater Road on a weekend getaway with your partner and pup, head on over to Hyde Park. Dogs are definitely welcome in the city’s most beloved park!

Perhaps that’s the reason it is so dear to the population. With meadows, wildflowers and open green areas, it’s a much-loved spot for your canine friends also, with plenty to sniff and discover. There are a few areas in which dogs are not permitted, but they’re clearly marked. Just make sure you pay attention to the signs.

It’s mandatory to keep your dog on a leash, and it is also recommended to use the paths as opposed to roaming about freely. As there’s a great deal of activity in this park, it’s safer for you, the dog and those passing by if you abide by the pathway rules.

Much like the mandated dog parks, there are plenty of waste bins and park benches meaning it’s easy to keep the area clean.

St. James Park

Who could forget the 1996’s 101 Dalmatians? If you have, stop reading and go stream the film now!

The movie was set and filmed in this particular park. St James Park is 57 acres and is surrounded by the likes of Buckingham Palace, the Horse Guards Parade, and more, making it a truly Instagram-worthy green space filled with trees, well-manicured lawns, and bushes.

It is asked that dogs stay leashed on the footpath around the perimeter of the lake and, please be aware, your cute canines aren’t allowed everywhere in the park. In particular, stay away from the Memorial Gardens by Buckingham Palace.

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Westbourne Green Open Space

If you happen to live around the South Bank with your canine friend, head over to Westbourne Green Open Space. For your reference, Royal Oak is the closest tube station if you happen to live elsewhere in the city.

The dog park has three gates and is closed by a fence that is about 122 cm high. The park includes a little hill, which is excellent for your dog, especially if you’re keen t keep fit by running up and down it, too.

Keep in mind that there are no waste bins or benches in this park, so plan accordingly!

Queen’s Park Gardens

The Queen’s Park Gardens has a bench and three bins, so if Westbourne Green Open Space’s lack of bins was a deal breaker, this is another option. The fence rises to about 120 cm, and the park has two gates. That said, it’s a medium-sized dog area that’s quite well-kept.

It’s also the home to many birds, butterflies beetles, and other wildlife and there’s a children’s play area. Combined, this makes this a great place if you’re a dog owning family with an affinity for wildlife.

Paddington Recreation Ground

Saving the best for last, the top park for you and your pup is definitely the Paddington Recreation Ground. If you don’t live in central London, head to the Montcalm London for a night to treat the puppy to a fun weekend nearby. If you live on the Bakerloo underground line, you’ll be happy to know that Maida Vale station is right by this dog park and it has two dog exercise areas.

The first area is by Morsehead Gate and is for small to medium-sized dogs. The fence is only 1000 cm high. It’s right by a street, separating the dogs with a metal fence that is 150 cm high. It has one entrance and is quite a silent space so, if your canine is a little shy or afraid of noises, this is an ideal location to ensure that they feel safe and comfortable.

It has two dog waste bins as well as two benches. These, of course, are two must-haves for dog parks, although they’re not mandatory.

The second dog park location is by Carlton Gate. It’s a medium-sized space with a fence that is around 100 cm high. This space is excellent for those owners who prefer shade, as there are plenty of trees providing respite from the sun.

Where are you going to take your dog on your next trip to London?