Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bespoke Suit in London


London and great tailoring go hand in hand, so its no wonder so many people are drawn to the city when it comes time to pick up a new bespoke suit. Saville Row is perhaps one of the world’s most famous districts for anyone seeking to get a new bespoke creation, with some institutions which have been located here for decades.

Until around a century ago, all men wore bespoke suits – there was simply no other option. A visit to a tailor was considered standard practice, and it wasn’t until clothing began to be mass-produced that all of this changed.

However, the benefits of great tailoring have remained beloved by fans of great clothes – and bespoke suits are already making a big comeback.

Benefits of going bespoke

While it might seem like a big change to buy a custom suit rather than buying off the rack, there are several key benefits, including:

  • A better fit

We all like clothes which fit us properly, and well-dressed Londoners know how important it is to make a great first impression. Whether you’re buying a suit for work, a wedding or another special event, a bespoke suit is sure to fit you better than anything you can buy elsewhere – providing added value, despite a sometimes heftier initial price tag.

  • More durability

Everyone wants to feel their clothes will last, particularly in an era of throwaway fast fashion. Bespoke suits are an exact rejection of this culture, instead focusing on craftsmanship and taking the time to create something truly special. If this is what you’re looking for from a new suit while staying at the Montcalm, then you’re the ideal candidate for going bespoke.

  • More variety

For those who like to stand out from the crowd, going bespoke also makes this a real possibility, without descending into wackiness (unless you want to!). The venues on this list will be happy to cater to your interests in bold prints or colours, as well as giving you a wide selection of traditional options to choose from. With bespoke, variety really is the spice of life.

Where can I find a bespoke suit?

There are several places which cater to fans of bespoke tailoring, but we’ve scoured London’s fashion scene to find the very best for getting a new custom suit made. While you’re enjoying the latest luxury London hotel deals, there’s no more luxurious way to celebrate your trip than by picking up something unique to you at one of these top tailoring hotspots:


A London-based tailor with a special Italian flair, craftsmanship at Volpe focuses only on the finest and softest fabrics, to ensuring wearing one of their suits is as comfortable as it is smart.

They have somehow mastered the art of creating items which look great and yet feel just as fantastic to wear, ensuring you’ll have a wear-anywhere garment in no time at all. There’s nothing stuffy or forced about the suits available here, and instead you benefit from twenty years of developing and redeveloping a casual yet professional approach to stylish, timeless bespoke tailoring while staying at the Montcalm hotel spa.

Edit Suits

Another of London’s finest tailors, Edit Suits has worked hard to refine the process of making a bespoke suit. This new approach means they’re willing to travel to wherever you are in the city. This can be very convenient if you’re making the most of London offers and don’t want to take the time to visit them in-store, and the experience is also pretty luxurious!

Each tailor arrives ready to take your measurements and also discuss your requirements. They’ll be fully prepared with sample fabrics and ready to talk to you about all the stages of production, where you’re sure to learn more about the craft of making a suit than you could ever hope to by buying something readymade.

As one of our favourite London tailors, Edit Suits is best suited to time-strapped visitors who fancy trying something a little different, and each suit can be adjusted and delivered to a London location of your choice. If you’re regularly in London (for business or simply to see the sights) this could be the ideal way to get your new suit made.

Beggars Run

This London tailor offers both conventionally coloured suits and items in a gloriously offbeat range of colours and fabrics, appealing to a more ostentatious clientele as well as staunch traditionalists.

The variety on offer is simply staggering, and the Beggars Run approach pays real attention to each individual and their style interests and personality. This could appeal particularly to anyone concerned that they’ll be stuck with the same couple of styles when they go bespoke, as that is certainly not the case here!

With over 50 different styles to select from, you’ll be treated to both bold and subtle tones, shapes and prints, so there’s quite literally something for everyone.


This Saville Rowe favourite has dressed some of cinema’s biggest names, including everyone from Fred Astaire in the 1930s to Daniel Craig in the 2000s. If this sounds like the kind of sartorial company you’d like to keep, then you have the opportunity to join them by getting a bespoke suit made at Kilgour.

The space has been designed to resemble a high-fashion boutique, and if you’re not quite ready to make the leap to bespoke them you can also select from a range of ready to wear items straight from their racks.

Dege & Skinner

One of the big highlights of Saville Rowe, Dege & Skinner have been family-run since their founding in 1880. They first began by specialising in military tailoring, before branching out into domestic wear and bespoke tailoring, alongside an extensive ready to wear selection.

They were one of the first and most important tailors in this district, helping to distinguish them from the competition to this day.