Want to Give Back This Christmas? 6 Ways to Volunteer in the City


There are lots of ways for philanthropic Londoners to give back this Christmas, with plenty of charities and shelters asking for a helping hand. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways (and places) to offer your assistance during the festive season.

1.) Volunteer at a London night shelter

Winter is one of the worst times of the year to be homeless. As the number of homeless citizens in the UK rises, demand for night shelters has also continued to rise – particularly during the colder months of the year.

There are many different ways to help people who really need this service, and lots of incredible night shelters and drop-in centres which provide a safe place to sleep for homeless Londoners.

Roles generally span activities such as preparing meals for guests, cleaning the shelter or just providing a friendly person to talk to. All of these roles are sure to be appreciated by the organisations you help, and it’s a great way to add a charitable edge to your stay while enjoying M by Montcalm spa deals.

  • Offer your help at Shelter from the Storm

A homeless shelter based in Islington, Shelter from the Storm offers free accommodation for some of London’s most vulnerable residents. The facility is open throughout the year, but winter is one of the busiest times – and the shelter frequently finds itself understaffed.

There’s a wide range of roles you can take on if you choose to volunteer here, including chatting to the guests, cleaning the facility and cooking meals. All of these are simple and effective ways to help people in need.

  • Join the team at Hackney Winter Night Shelter

Hackney Night Shelter is hosted at a different venue every night across both Hackney and Bethnal Green. The shelter is one of the most popular night shelters throughout the winter, and gives visitors a welcoming place to sleep. In addition, Hackney Winter Night Shelter gives its guests warm meals and a variety of different support routes, designed to help combat local homelessness at source.

The shelter is always looking for new volunteers, and the festive period is particularly hectic, so demand is high. It is a place that visitors can gain much more than just shelter. If you’re interested in helping out, then head to the official Hackney Winter Night Shelter website to fill out the online application form.

2.) Help out at The Whitechapel Mission

With over 300 visitors per day throughout the month of December, The Whitechapel Mission is always happy to welcome new volunteers. Key tasks include helping to service delicious meals to guests, and also helping to spread some Christmas spirit to people who are struggling at this time of year.

In addition, you can also help out with raising donations which allow the work to continue. For philanthropic individuals enjoying a stay in London, this is a wonderful way to spend some time after a trip to the Versace Spa in London.

3.) Work a shift at Crisis at Christmas

Crisis is a charity established to help combat homelessness, and each Christmas they are particularly involved in helping to improve the festive season for some of the poorest people in the UK.

There are lots of different ways to help out this year, with volunteer roles spanning a wide variety of different skill-sets. Crisis at Christmas are looking for everything from doctors to cooks, musicians and even just people who are happy to volunteer an hour or two at a Crisis Christmas Dinner.

Applications are open to get involved, so if you’re able to help those less fortunate while staying at 5 star hotels in London, it’s a fantastic place to start your volunteering search.

4.) Assist on Christmas Day at the Rotary Club

Rotary Club has an enormous Christmas Day party, complete with a festive lunch. The event is designed specifically for Wandsworth-based locals over 65 years of age, and more than 450 people take part each year.

The event is designed to help combat loneliness amongst the UK’s ageing population, and they are constantly on the lookout for new volunteers. Applications to help out in 2019 are already open. It’s a three day event, so you are free to select the dates and times which work for you.

Common methods of helping out include assisting with decorating the venue, organising transportation for guests, and serving dishes. It’s a noble cause and a wonderful activity to take part in advert a spa day with afternoon tea at your hotel.

5.) Serve dinners at Jackson Lane

This venue is open on Christmas Day each year, specifically targeted at elderly and disabled local residents who might otherwise spend this important day on their own. Guests can enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner alongside festive treats and drinks. Every now and then, they’re even treated to a visit from Santa himself.

All of this is only made possible thanks to the hard work of volunteers, and new recruits are always welcome. There are lots of different roles which you can assist with on the day, such as cooking the meals, offering to drive guests and even helping to provide the entertainment. If you can’t take part in person, you can also offer a donation as a quick and easy way to lend your support.

6.) Join Team London Christmas

Team London is a fantastic online search tool designed to help you find local volunteering opportunities, many of which appear at the last minute. There are plentiful opportunities listed over the festive season, but to help simplify your search, simply type in ‘Christmas’ while searching and find the best option for you. There’s the chance to do everything from helping out at a London hospice to fundraising door-to-door, with full details of who to contact and where to go to find out more.