When should you visit London?


London is a great place to visit at any time of the year, as it consistently hosts a staggering number and variety of events. But the British weather is famously unpredictable. In just a few minutes, it can go from glorious sunshine to a torrential downpour and back again!

So if you are planning a stay at a Montcalm London hotel in the coming months, when is the best time to go? What factors could enhance your trip or stand in the way of you having a good time?

We therefore thought we would outline the pros and cons of visiting for each month of the year.


The New Year celebrations in London can be epic, but once the festive season has died down you’ll find much to enjoy here, from sales in the shops to good availability for theatre tickets. On the downside though, the weather can be cold and miserable, contributing massively to the post-Christmas blues.

London Attractions


Taking in the Chinese New Year celebrations and a romantic trip away for Valentine’s Day are two options for this time of year. But the weather can still be inclement, and if it’s an early Easter, the city might be overrun by families with kids during the half-term break.


An unpredictable month, where you shouldn’t be surprised to see a blizzard and a heatwave in the same week. If Easter falls in March, again be mindful of the possibility of school children being on holiday.


Spring has hopefully begun in earnest by April, which means we have theatre and music festivals going on, as well as the London Marathon. A definite option to consider if you want to avoid peak summer prices.


With all the bank holidays and (hopefully) nice weather at this time of year, May is a popular time to get away. Events such as the Chelsea Flower Show and the FA Cup Final will certainly draw people to the capital too, so London might be best avoided if you don’t like crowds.


With everything from the Trooping the Colour ceremony to an array of outdoor theatre and music performances, summer really has begun by the time June arrives. You’ll see people sat outside every bar and restaurant, gearing up for Wimbledon and sporting shorts and vest tops.


With the Proms just around the corner, you might not find too many major events at this time of year, but it’s still the height of summer when you can take in London’s many attractions without having to wear a coat. Hopefully!


It’s the school summer holidays and the sun is out, so expect London to be packed in August, particularly when it’s the bank holiday. But since the city is prepared to receive lots of visitors at this time, there’s no shortage of thrilling indoor and outdoor events and spectacles.


The kids are back at school and the last vestiges of the summer sunshine are hopefully still hanging on, but without being stiflingly hot. So we’d say this is the best time to visit the capital. And with events such as the Proms and the Edinburgh Festival now over, the world’s top cultural talent will be back in town to show off their skills, so you’ll have plenty to see and do.


The nights might start drawing in by the time October arrives, and the onset of autumn can make the weather quite unpredictable at this time of year. But London still offers plenty to enjoy if you like indoor activities, as there will be a packed calendar in the West End theatres and live music venues.


Expect rain, clouds and lower temperatures. But with events such as Bonfire Night and the build-up to Christmas, including festive lights being switched on throughout the city, there’s still a great buzz and the cold weather actually feels right for the experience, rather than a hindrance to having a good time.


The festive season will be in full swing once again, so once again you won’t resent being wrapped up in your hat and scarf amid the prolonged hours of darkness. If anything, it feels exactly how it should be in the run-up to Christmas, when you’re pounding the seasonally decorated high streets and bagging your festive gifts. It’s also worth visiting London to enjoy its New Year’s Eve celebrations – the sight of the Houses of Parliament and other landmarks on the banks of the Thames illuminated by fireworks is remarkable.

Ultimately, deciding on when best to visit London is down to what you want out of your visit. Do you want to avoid the crowds or take in the hustle and bustle of the capital? Do you want to top up your tan and stay outdoors, or is the weather completely unimportant to you?

Once you have answered these all-important questions, you’ll soon be able to decide when is the right time for you to visit this most remarkable of cities.