Where to find London’s best Italian delis


The brilliant diversity of the UK capital means that food from just about everywhere in the world can be found somewhere in the city.

Italian cuisine is a firm favourite among Brits, and London even has its own Little Italy, where many Italian immigrants settled in the early 19th century.


If you’re staying at one of the luxury hotels London has to offer, it’s likely that you’ll have your pick of some beautiful pasta and pizza dishes on the restaurant’s menu. If you’d like to have a go at recreating these meals yourself when you’re back home, London is home to some excellent Italian delis where you can pick up traditional ingredients.

Here’s our pick of the best:

Lina Stores

Lina Stores has been in Soho since the 1950s and prides itself on the quality of the Italian ingredients it sells.

Whether you’re after authentic mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano (more commonly known as parmesan in the UK), prosciutto, cooking oil made from Italian olives or coffee beans imported from the country’s finest roasters, you’ll be able to find it at Lina Stores.

The deli is conveniently located close to the Piccadilly Circus Tube station and is easily recognisable thanks to its distinctive green tiled front.

I Camisa & Son

Also situated in Soho is I Camisa & Sons, which is widely regarded as the best place in London to purchase fresh Italian pasta and accompanying sauces, while its dried porcini mushrooms and Sicilian sausages are loved far and wide.

With pungent cheeses, spicy cured meats and fresh olives on offer in abundance, the deli has a fine selection of ingredients for you to take home with you – that’s if you can resist eating them immediately after you’ve bought them!

If you’re visiting in the run-up to Easter, which falls on Sunday April 16th in 2017, make sure to purchase one of the deli’s traditional Italian Easter cakes, which are typically flavoured with orange, almonds and hazelnuts.


Giacobazzi’s Delicatessen in Hampstead Heath should be very easy to spot when you arrive in the area, as it’ll be the place with people queuing down the street to get their hands on its exquisite food.

The deli sells every type of Italian food you could imagine, including pasta, pizza, freshly-baked bread, sweets, cheeses, meats, oils, paninis, spices and even wine.

Giacobazzi’s also has an onsite cafe, where you can enjoy a fine Italian espresso or cappuccino while indulging in one of the deli’s gorgeous ciabatta rolls or a plateful of pasta.


You can rest assured that the food at Pulia, which is situated close to Borough Market, is the real deal, as it’s favoured by Italians themselves. What’s more, Pulia has additional branches in Milan and Florence, so this is about as authentic as it gets.

Speaking to the Telegraph, co-owner Georges Tohme explained: “Italians are usually very picky with their food, but Italians in London are flocking to the shop and are some of our biggest customers. They come here because of the high-quality products.”

Italy’s Pulia region is responsible for 40 per cent of the country’s olive oil production, with examples of this available to purchase in the deli, along with artisan pasta, Italian cheeses, freshly-baked focaccia and sweet pastries filled with apricots, honey or chocolate.