Where to Find the Best Afternoon Tea in London?

Best Afternoon Tea in London

Afternoon tea has exploded in popularity over the past few years and has seen something of a revival in the city of London lately.


With so many places in the capital all offering a delightful array of afternoon tea experiences, it can feel like a bit of a challenge to find the right spot for you to enjoy a few dainty sandwiches and delicate cakes all washed down with a selection of tea blends, so we’ve created this handy guide to help you find the perfect venue for your best afternoon tea in London experience.

What is Afternoon Tea London?

Afternoon tea has its roots firmly planted in the history of the British aristocracy, with a hungry Duchess asking her army of kitchen staff for a plate of bread and butter, cakes and tea at around 3pm.

afternoon tea

Traditionally, the evening meal for high society members wasn’t served until 8pm, meaning that the time between lunch and dinner was much longer than it is today.

As the fashionable Duchess started to share her afternoon tea with her social circle, a new trend started to emerge, and more options were added to the offering which now provides sandwiches, cakes and even a glass of champagne for a special celebration.

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Later, silver plates, fine china cups and saucers and cake stands were included in the ceremony of afternoon tea, and it is this serving tradition that we see today in many luxury hotels London.

What is the Best Place in London for Afternoon Tea?

If you are seeking an afternoon tea London experience, then the best places to go are high-end hotels or meeting venues London.

Not only have they got plenty of experience in serving their guests with an array of tempting treats, but they also offer the opulent surroundings associated with a true afternoon tea.

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At our Marble Arch hotel, we not only offer all of the beautiful table settings that you’d expect, but our teams of chefs and kitchen staff are skilled in the culinary arts and excellent service to offer an authentic experience to all of our guests.

Montcalm Marble Arch hotel London table settings

We are also able to cater for any specific dietary requirements easily, so there really is something for everyone.

What Time is Afternoon Tea in London?

Traditionally, afternoon tea London is served around 4 pm, but luckily for guests staying at our MontcalmMarble Arch hotel, you can enjoy the experience from noon onwards, giving you plenty of time to check out everything else that the city has to offer.

afternoon tea in London

This flexibility means that afternoon tea London can be experienced no matter what your plans are in the city or whenever you start to hear that tummy rumble, so booking an afternoon tea experience at our Marble Arch hotel means that you are free to explore London without having to race back to the hotel for 4 pm if you have other plans.

What is Included in Afternoon Tea?

Afternoon tea experiences usually include sandwiches, cakes, fresh scones and lashings of hot tea and coffee all served on cake stands, so you don’t need to wait between courses as everything is served to your table at the same time. This makes it ideal for those visiting the city with hungry children.


For a special event or occasion, you can also include a glass or two of champagne or prosecco at an additional cost – perfect if you have something to celebrate or have been at one of the many meeting venues London and want to relax with colleagues after you’ve conducted your business for the day.

There are also several different types of afternoon tea experiences available, some of which have themes such as wizards or different refreshment options including artisan gins, but for an authentic afternoon tea experience, the traditional options are always the best.

Also, at our luxury hotels London, we are able to offer an afternoon tea experience that caters to every type of dietary needs, so if you are heading to the city with vegetarians or people with any sensitivities or allergies, you know that we can cover their needs easily.

How Much is Afternoon Tea at the Savoy London?

As you’d expect from luxury hotels London, afternoon tea at the Savoy doesn’t come cheap, but there are plenty of other excellent hotels that offer fabulous food and service at far more reasonable prices.

Our Marble Arch hotel and meeting venues London all offer amazing afternoon tea experiences without breaking the bank and have become very popular with our hotel guests and those just popping in to enjoy the ambiance and fine décor of the hotel with friends.

Not only will you enjoy a selection of beautifully presented sandwiches and cakes washed down with delicately blended teas and fine coffees, but you’ll also experience the excellent service available at all Montcalm hotels across the city.

What is the Difference Between Afternoon Tea and High Tea?

You might think that high tea and afternoon tea is the same thing, but there are several small differences that set the two experiences apart.

Traditionally, afternoon tea London was mainly enjoyed by society ladies thanks to the additional of lace table cloths and china cups, with high tea more suited for both sexes, but now people of all ages and genders are happily enjoying both of these experiences together.

Traditional English afternoon tea
Traditional English afternoon tea

High tea is served a little later at around 5pm, a full hour after the traditional afternoon tea time of 4pm.

High tea

High tea was also more of a working-class meal and came without all of the niceties of an afternoon tea as the china plates, cake stands and fine cutlery were usually not available in normal households.

This is partly the reason why afternoon tea is far more popular than its high tea counterpart as the fine china and beautifully laid tables are all part and parcel of the overall experience.