Where to Find the Best German Food in London


London never shies away from celebrating a world of great cuisine and this of course includes paying homage to delicious German food. Currently experiencing a real expansion, Bavarian dishes have been growing in popularity in recent years, as has a taste for German beer. There are several wonderful venues throughout the city where you can get your fix of both, often in authentic surroundings – so here’s a few of our favourites…


A ‘bierhall, bierkeller and restaurant’, Katzenjammers is a hidden favourite with plenty of cool appeal. It’s in a great, albeit hidden location, next to Borough Market. Instead of sticking to tradition, the venue offers a modernist new take on established German dining and drinking tropes.


After a recent expansion, visitors can now enjoy a trip to this spacious basement bar and restaurant, as well as enjoying nine authentic draught beers from Germany, alongside a further 30 bottled beers. In addition, there’s plenty of German and Austrian wine on offer, and a Bavarian menu available upstairs and a sausage bar in the basement, with most of the dishes sourced fresh by the talented team of German chefs.

There are regular live performances by the in-house oompah band, helping visitors feel even more immersed in the authenticity and energy of the Katzenjammers atmosphere.

Private parties are encouraged, or you can simply pop in for a spontaneous visit while staying at 5 star boutique hotels in London.

Bavarian Beerhouse

The first German beer house anywhere in the UK, this should certainly be top of the list for fans of Bavarian cuisine staying at Montcalm London. Founded in 2005, Bavarian Beerhouse was started by Rene von Reth, who first moved to London in 1994 and couldn’t find a single space specialising in German beer.

With the aim of changing all this, he established his first ever Bavarian Beerhouse in Old Street, before expanding in 2010 to include a second venue. Both branches now offer an authentic Bavarian dining experience, alongside great entertainment. On Fridays and Saturdays, visitors can enjoy a special ‘Oktoberfest’ party, complete with a live DJ set. Think in terms of traditional yet slightly cartoonish dining, with everything from pretzels to goulash, alongside German beer, cocktails and wines.

It’s a great place for hosting a party or special celebration, and declares itself as a year-round Oktoberfest. After a trip here, you’ll find it difficult to disagree!


Another of the city’s foremost German dining spaces, Stein’s takes a step back from some of the novelty of Bavarian cuisine and instead takes it all very seriously. Based in Kingston, this restaurant and bar has great views of the River Thames and has woven authenticity into every single thing on the menu, as well as the space itself.

Designed by a German-Polish building company, the restaurant is rustic and comfortable. It offers a vast selection of cake and sweets throughout the day, before switching to cocktails and a full restaurant menu in the evening. We recommend a visit here at the weekend, when things really get exciting – with beer and glass on tap, all authentically sourced and both delicious and understated. For guests at Mayfair hotels in London seeking something truly special, this restaurant should certainly make their shortlist!


For those on the lookout for an authentic German bakery, there is always Bakehaus. This space includes pastries, doughnuts, slices, pretzels and much more – with a selection of both sweet and savoury fare sure to impress even the most discerning of diners. Why not take a trip here as part of your stay in the city? This is a great way to treat yourself to a few delicious items during your experience enjoying a spa in a London hotel, and it needn’t be unhealthy. There’s lots of different breads available, each using select grains and seeds (and no pre-mixed flour), as well as German ingredients and techniques. In addition, we recommend the sandwiches and pizza, which help provide more yummy German snacks.

Bodo’s Schloss

Close to Kensington Palace, the menu here is as authentic as it gets – and there’s a distinctive, retro vibe which has helped to make the space a seasonal favourite during the autumn and winter. Welcoming, a little cheesy yet still delightfully fun – if you’re in the mood for German cuisine in one of London’s swankiest districts, then this is a great place to start.


At first glance, Kamps seems like a straightforward London bakery. In truth, it is the heart of London’s German baking scene, dedicated to bringing traditional methods to the city and making them accessible to all.


Luxurious though never unnecessarily expensive, here you’ll find a menu of cakes, pastries, bread and sandwiches. To make things even more exciting, you can watch the bakers work on-site, as Kamps has billed itself as an ‘event bakery’ with transparency at the heart of its ethos. For fresh, seasonal ingredients and fine flavours, the bakery champions true baking craftsmanship with a Bavarian soul.


An East London bierhalle, Bierschenke is open every day from noon, ensuring its a great spot for visiting at the weekend or enjoying a lazy lunch. There’s a Bavarian oompah band playing live, and plenty of free flowing beer to enjoy. The space provides authentic flavours in equally authentic surroundings, which has helped to make it a popular spot for fans of all things Bavarian.

Hansel & Pretzel


A German delicatessen in Richmond, Hansel & Pretzel offers all the delicious treats you would expect, including German groceries, sweets, chocolates, sausages, cooked meats, cheese and bread. All of the items for sale come straight from Germany, making this a popular spot with German expatriates living in the city and missing the tastes of home.

The delicatessen opens early (7am), making it a great place to stop by before work or for an al fresco breakfast during your trip to London.