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Aug 03

Body Treatments

Relaxing Ritual By Montcalm2h 30min - £250.00

Feel the stress of the everyday melt away as you succumb to this deeply relaxing all-over body treatment. We begin with a tropical foot ritual, followed by gentle body exfoliation to prepare the skin for a purifying chocolate massage and wrap, with an optional Thalgo facial to finish. Emerge from this intensive skin and body detox cleansed, clear-headed and revitalised.

Shaping Back Ritual 1h - £140.00

An invigorating salt scrub deep cleanses your back with this firming and relaxing ritual, followed by a Polynesian mineral and detox body wrap, before a southern warm oil massage refreshes as it moisturises with its soft, hydrating emulsion. Enhance the effects of the Shaping Back Ritual with an hour or so in the steam room or sauna.

Sensitive Touch Ritual (detoxing/relaxing/energising) 45min - £80.00

A welcome ritual instantly relaxes, purifying sea salts exfoliate, and your choice of body oil is gently massaged into your back, neck and shoulders by our expert therapists. It's a simple yet remarkably revitalising treatment tailored to your desires - choose from detoxing, relaxing or energising aromatherapy oils for your massage, and let us work our magic.

Body Exfoliation 30min - £60.00

The body's largest organ is impressively equipped with self-renewing powers, but sometimes your skin still needs a helping hand, and few hands are better trained than ours at gentle, all-over exfoliation. Essential for healthy, radiant skin, this re-energising treatment is as purifying as it is pampering, deep cleansing for a visibly improved complexion.

3 Algae Body Wrap by Thalgo 1h - £110.00

Thalgo are masters of thalassotherapy, unlocking the powers of real seawater and seaweed to effectively treat everything from skin conditions to rheumatism, and excess weight to arthritis. Thalgo's patented Micronized Marine Algae (MMA) releases micro-particles that penetrate the skin with the algae's active healing ingredients. Beginning with a relaxing welcome massage, the body is exfoliated before Thalgo's patented seaweed body wrap is applied, infusing its minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients to activate circulation, increase metabolism and relieve aches and pains. For general wellbeing, it's hard to beat.

Merveille Arctique Spa Ritual 1 hr 45min - £180.00

Chocolate Body Wrap 1 hr - £110.00


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