7 Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in London

Who need’s Paris, New York or Seattle when you have London! London is definitely one of the most romantic cities in the world, it offers you experiences that no other city can, and when it comes to valentine’s weekend there is so much love in the city and so many things for you to be able to do to show a loved one a memorable experience.

If you enjoy being on a boat and fancy romance on the canal, sailing along on your barge experiencing London’s very own little Venice. If being on land or in the air is more your thing, then you should look at the London eye, for valentines you are able to reserve a whole pod and have champagne served to you both, this way you are able to have privacy, share a special moment and experience a valentines you will never forget. Then there is the option of a helicopter ride around London, see all the famous sites and land marks from a chopper, this is a great experience for all who like to live a little on the edge. If you want to keep your feet firmly on the ground and a bus is more your thing, then why not hop onto the number 9. It has been routing around London for 50 years, you are able to witness some of the top landmarks in the capital and from the comfort of a tour bus. There are also things like the Tunnel of Love for you to book, here you are able to catch some of the most classic and romantic movies outdoors, you bring a blanket to cosy up and there will be a melted chocolate fondue and champagne cocktail for you to enjoy. If you are seeking something a little more theatrical then you should check out the Punch drunk, you are encouraged to dress up to match the theme and wear a mask for added mystery. A murderous adventure awaits you.

And to top off the whole experience, why not make sure you have a reservation at one of the boutique hotels London.

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