Not Your Usual Gift Guide | London-Centric Gifts In 2023


There are plenty of souvenir and gift guides out there that will tell you to buy double decker bus fridge magnets, or London snow globes- or whatever else the latest souvenir trend is.

But this time we are going to think outside the box a little, we are going to steer away from supporting ‘the big guys’, and try to show some love for ‘the little guys’; the Londoners trying to make an honest living.

This gift guide is designed to help you let the people you love have their own incredible experience in London- and help out the locals too.

If you’re planning a trip to the UK’s capital city then book a room in the stunning Marble Arch Hotel; not only is it one of the best boutique hotels London UK has to offer, it’s also perfectly located to let you explore the city and get inspired for that perfect gift.

Instead of advising you to buy the regular useless stuff that does not require any thought, let’s take a look at some of the things you can give to people that are a little more meaningful; things that will make their London experience as amazing as possible.

Unique London Experiences

There are plenty of wonderfully unique experiences to be had in London- seriously, the list is insanely long.

But some of the very best things you can do in the city are tours that allow you to see some of the major landmarks, learn the history behind them, and enjoy a fun theme all at the same time.

Let’s take a look at some of the best tours you can give someone that will get them around the city in style.

Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

Briget’s Bakery offers this incredible tour, and it is surely one of the very best in the city.

Climb aboard a beautifully converted 1970’s Routemaster double decker bus and tour the city in absolute style- but that’s not even the best bit.

Whilst you are touring the key landmarks, you will be served a gorgeous helping of world famous, British afternoon tea.

This involves finger sandwiches, delicious pastries, stunning cakes, scones and of course, a cup of proper British tea- this can always be upgraded to Champagne of course.

There is no better way to explore the city.

Landmarks & Gems by Vintage Bike

If the person you’re buying for is more of an outdoorsy explorer, a fan of vintage things, or a cycling enthusiast, then consider this incredible bike tour of the city.

It’s also a great option for a ‘giftee’ who has never been to London before and has a lot of things on their list of places to visit.

Hop on a restored vintage bike and follow your guide for the one of the most fun tours on offer in the city.

Your very own ‘Hipster Historian’ will guide you around some of the key landmarks in the city, using the bike lane network to tour you around Parliament Square, Buckingham Palace and other, quieter locations. You’ll also get to try your hand at street art and enjoy a beautiful pint in a traditional English pub.

Gift Cards for London’s Top Activities

Aside from touring the sights, there are plenty of attractions in London that are absolutely worth visiting, but require tickets to enter.

If you’re worried about booking the wrong thing, or the sheer expense of doing some of the city’s top activities, all you have to do is book a gift card.

But I’m not talking about buying someone a London Pass that lets them choose what major attractions they want to visit- although this could be a good option too.

Instead buy them a Love and London Tours and Experiences gift card.

Love and London was set up by Londoners and is run by Londoners- so who better to show your giftee around the city?

There are plenty of tours and activities to choose from, and they will be learning about the city from the locals themselves.

Make Their Stay Extra Special With a Beautiful Hotel Room

One of the things that makes London an expensive place to visit is the accommodation; you can’t always find a cheap place to stay in the city centre, so why not give them the gift of a bed?

Book one of the finest luxury suites London has to offer in the stunning Marble Arch by Montcalm Hotel. Not only will you be giving your loved one a luxurious place to stay, but you’ll also be placing them right in the heart of the city.

What could be a better gift than the platform from which they reach every corner of London- apart from a fancy hotel room of course.

Get Them a London Inspired Food Hamper

For some people, the gift of food is the very best thing you could possibly give- and London is the perfect place to give a hamper thanks to the UK’s love of cheese, breads, conserves, pickles and relishes.

There are two roads to go down here, so let’s take a look.

Make Your Own

This option would probably only really apply to someone living in the UK, mostly because it would be really hard to make a good hamper without proper English ingredients.

You’ll need some strong, crumbly cheddar- preferably from the UK. And as a side note, cheddar does not bend, it crumbles- if it bends, it’s not cheddar!

Next you’ll need some proper good crackers, nothing with flavouring on like a crisp or ‘chip’- crusty bread or crisp bread sticks can also be a good option.

You’ll also need some kind of chutney, relish, or preserve to go with the cheese. Then you’ll need some sweet English biscuits and some tea to serve with it.

If you’re feeling fancy then throwing in some prosecco would not hurt.

Buy One From the Greats

London is packed with historic institutions and world famous department stores- some of which are hundreds of years old.

Fortnum and Mason’s is one such place and offers some of the most gorgeous hampers you’ve ever seen.

Help your giftee to get excited for the trip by giving them a taste of the UK and the wonderful things that await them!

Give the Gift of London

So there we have it, some of the best outside the box gift giving ideas.

If you know anyone heading to the city, or even looking to go, then giving them a gift from this list will light the fire of exploration within them.

From luxury hotels London UK, to delicious food and amazing ways to explore the city; these gifts will allow your giftee to have the trip of a lifetime!