How The Montcalm Hotels Can Complete Your Valentines

How The Montcalm Hotels Can Complete Your Valentines

Whilst it might only be early January, there’s no reason why the months of locked down 2020 and the third one that we are all staring down the barrel of should stop you from planning something to look forward to. If you’ve been spending the last 10 months locked down with your other half, it would be no shock if you both crave something a little different from the daily routine. One easy way to retain some optimism as a couple for the year ahead is to plan a couple’s retreat for the post lockdown months. Whilst travel is currently limited to your local area, those living in England might want to consider a spa or hotel stay in the capital.

This is where the Montcalm hotel comes in. With 7 different and entirely unique branches scattered across London’s most popular areas, a Montcalm getaway in London could be a perfect way to bring some excitement back to your relationship, especially during dreary January, when it might feel like there’s very little to look forward to. Below you’ll find some great tips on how to plan your couples retreat at one of the 7 Montcalm Hotels, as well as how they stand out as couple-friendly hotels.

Montcalm Marble Arch And The Marble Arch

The Montcalm Marble Arch Hotel London and it’s sister hotel, The Marble Arch are two West London located hotels that pride themselves on being the starting point for the Montcalm Hotel group. The Montcalm Marble Arch is housed in a gorgeous Georgian townhouse at the top of Park Lane and provides guests with beautiful, varied rooms that are just a stone’s throw from the famous Marble Arch and Hyde Park.

Marble Arch Spa

The Marble Arch Spa is a haven for the mentally and physically frazzled, providing individual and group deals on everything from hot stone massages to yoga therapies. However you want to relax on your romantic retreat, the Marble Arch Spa will leave you and your partner feeling relaxed and revitalised, and all with the Montcalm COVID-19 updates and care protocol defending against exposure to the pandemic.

Hankies Indian Street Food

Hankies Delhi Street Food eatery is located in the Marble Arch hotel, as well as having other branches close to the Montcalm Piccadilly. Hankies provides quick bites for you and your partner, whether it be to line your stomach before an evening at the Marble Arch champagne bar or after a long day trailing the romantic backdrops of Hyde Park. However you use this flexible Indian diner, Hankies’ fusion of the modern and classic is a perfect recipe for romance.

Montcalm At The Brewery And Barbican

The Montcalm At The Brewery and it’s Barbican sister hotel are nestled amidst the hustle and bustle of East London’s thriving Shoreditch area. The heart of London’s artistic culture, a stay at the Brewery or Barbican hotel will have you pampered in luxury whilst also just a short walk from some of London’s most popular cultural institutions and tourist attractions.

Chiswell Street Dining Rooms

The Chiswell Street Dining Rooms are located just across the road from the Montcalm Barbican and Brewery Hotel, providing world-class British cuisine from the former head chef of the Groucho Club and One Aldwych. The Chiswell Street Dining Rooms is a dynamic, energetic and above all stylish restaurant, dishing out enough exciting East London ambience for a real couple’s night to remember.

The Jugged Hare

More laid back than the Chiswell Street Restaurant, the Jugged Hare is a classic London pub that serves hearty pub grub and a vast selection of lagers, ales and wines. Whether you and your partner are stopping off for a quick tipple or a gourmet Sunday roast or bottomless brunch, there’s a lot to share at the Jugged Hare on Chiswell Street.

Montcalm Royal London House

Located close to Liverpool Street Station, the Montcalm Royal London House is kitted out with a stylish spa and two exciting bar areas, topped off with a stunning rooftop terrace providing views over the City of London. If you’re a pair of city slickers celebrating in style, then you needn’t look further than the Montcalm Royal London House.

The Aviary Rooftop Bar

The Aviary Rooftop Bar is the crown jewel of the Royal London House Hotel and is a perfect stop for date night. With regular DJ slots, professional mixologists concocting some of the best cocktails in London and beautiful views over London’s skyline, the Aviary Rooftop Bar is the perfect bar for couples eager for their first taste of London.

Beauty And Melody Spa

It’s not just the Aviary Rooftop Bar that makes the Montcalm Royal London House stand out, it’s the unique spa located under the hotel too. With a pool, jacuzzi, steam room and spa services, you and your partner can relax and indulge in opulent style. With marine-focused mineral treatments from world-renowned Thalgo beauticians and interior design that adds elegance to your spa experience, the Beauty and Melody Spa is perfect for some calming couple downtime.

The Montcalm Piccadilly

The Montcalm Piccadilly is a smart and practical hotel located just across from the Piccadilly roundabout. Functional and stylish, this is the perfect hotel for a couple who want to spend less time indoors and more exploring the city.

The Chilworth

The Chilworth provides a unique mix of West London classiness and beautiful rooms, all located within the historic Paddington area of London. Built within a Regency-era townhouse on a tree lined avenue off of Paddington Station, The Chilworth’s blend of elegant classicism, modern interior touches and fine-dining restaurant service is the perfect stop for any couple yearning for a home away from home.

Chilworth Urban Spa

Why should spa days be just for the “girls?” The Chilworth Urban Spa tailors it’s treatments to your needs and lifestyle, providing an eclectic range of massages, face masks and deep cleanses for you and your partner. Whether your body’s pining for a casual jacuzzi dip or a deep tissue massage, you’ll leave the Chilworth Urban Spa with a renewed calm.