Kids on Vacation – Be Vigilant

Summer’s set in and your kids are already embracing the holiday mood! It is, after all, the time when school’s out and when friends and family get together to make some awesome memories! Whether it’s a beach vacation, a camping trip or a holiday in the mountains, kids just love the idea of going on vacation!

Though it is great to go holidaying with your children, you as parents always have to be alert. Kids can be tough to manage and are very unpredictable in certain situations. Here are a few tips on what not to do when travelling with kids.

Don’t Experiment with Food
Try as much as you can to keep your children’s diet similar to home. If you can’t find what you normally eat, stick to basics such as wheat, porridge, pancakes, baked meats, bread etc. Do not feed them curries that may be spicy, or nuts and shellfish that they may develop an allergic reaction to.

Carry OTC and other Medicines
You know your child best and you know what ails them most too. It is always a wise choice to carry over-the-counter and specific medications for your child such as those for stomach infections, fever, cough & cold, etc. It will keep you tension-free as you won’t have to go looking for pharmacies if something untoward were to happen.

Keep a Check on Pool Time
The idea of swimming in pools or even in the sea gets kids all charged up and super excited! But they’re too young to understand that many accidents can happen while swimming. Diving boards, slippery pool floors and even inflatable toys can all be hazardous. As for swimming in the ocean, your child may not be able to gauge whether the tide is too high or if a wave is too strong. This is why never; ever let your kids go alone for a swim.

No Sports without Instructor
Kids can be adventurous when it comes to trying out new things like skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, rappelling and other water sports. You must encourage them to build their confidence, but at the same time, ensure that an instructor is with them at all times, or at least gives them proper instructions about the activity.

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