Travelling with Curly Hair – No Worries!

Summer’s here and it is time to head for that dream vacation you have always been waiting for! A change of scene, especially one that comes with a change of weather is always welcome! But for those who sport curly locks, extra caution as sometimes a change in weather can be disastrous and completely ruin your vacations spirit.

Curly hair look great most of the time, but when it becomes unruly and unmanageable, it can be a real pain to tame. This is why most people with curly hair stick to one type of product and swear by it. Travelling, however, is a totally different ball game, and it is likely that the product that worked for you at home, may suddenly give up on your vacation!

There are a few tricks to keep your curly mane looking great as ever:

Stay Away From the Blow Dryer
Hair dryers tend to dry out the hair, and if curly hair gets dry, it looks unbelievably messy and frizzy. So steer clear of the blow dryer, instead let your hair dry naturally after a good rub with a soft towel. You can use a bit of hair serum on damp hair as well to ensure it remains smooth.

Use the Right Products
Hotel Toiletries are great, but not necessarily designed to suit specific hair types. Carry sachets of your favourite shampoo and conditioner, so you don’t get a ‘What Just Happened?’ moment with your hair! Also, don’t wash your hair very often, it just makes it more dry.

Wear a Swim Cap in the Pool
A swim cap doesn’t just protect your hair, it keeps it from sticking all over your face. Chlorinated water is murder for every kind of hair, not just curly hair. Why let chemicals get into your scalp when you can prevent it by something as simple as a cap?!

Carry Hair Accessories
If, despite all your efforts, your hair refuses to sit pretty, keep it down with rubber bands, clips, hair bands or hair pins. Bandanas and hats are also a great accessory to hide your bad hair days, while looking cool!

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