Alternative Sightseeing in London

I am sure most of cringe at the name of “sightseeing” or “tours” or for that matter “packaged tours”. Popular opinion has it that they are boring and do not show you anything that is interesting or meaningful. Most critics of packaged tours accuse it to be downright expensive without even a bit of interesting and worthwhile information for the tourists. Sightseeing websites or books rarely tell you what you should be really visiting in London is the regular refrain.

However, I guess the sightseeing website creators and book publishers have realised their mistakes (if there was really any truth in all the criticism) and today London travel guides carry all the most interesting places that a person should and must visit when he or she goes to London. They can be roughly called as alternative sightseeing spots in London, although they are the real deal.

The most popular in this genre is the “horror London tour” which began in 1999 and takes you all the scary places in London; places where serial murders have happened or great robberies have taken place. It is interesting and brings you face to face to history, even if it is not the conventional type. Another thing very close to London history is tea; and this tour takes you to the best places where you can savour this London custom with the best of bakery products. This will be one sumptuous deal for all the tourists, one they will find difficult to forget.

Hence, tours are different now and show the real aspects of a city rather than painting an imaginary picture of it. On one of these, you can easily get to know the real insides of London; London as it should be.

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