Andy Stewart exhibition goes on display

Art lovers may look to book Montcalm hotels in London to take in artist Andy Stewart’s new series, Your Skin is Like Vinyl.

Making use of innovative materials such as gloss paint, glitter and diamond dust, the artist constructs “rich painterly surfaces”.

“The musical reference delves deeper into the process of making work and draws similes to our lyrical appreciation of abstract art, where the canvas acts as the artist’s playground for spontaneous and intuitive mark marking,” explained the Evening Standard.

The paintings are available to view and purchase at the Sarah Myerscough gallery in Mayfair.

The Independent praised the artist’s “juxtaposition of mediums of expression” which it said was his trademark signature.

Mr Stewart graduated from Gloucester College of Art and Design in 1985, and since then he has exhibited work in number of shows and taken part in a variety of collaborations.

Among the other works at the gallery, visitors can see work by Alicia Dubnyckyj, whose portraits of cityscapes, including London and New York, are said to emphasise the speed of modern metropolises.

“Forcing our eyes to retreat through the highly reflective glossy surfaces of her work, [Alicia] Dubnyckyj presents us with a city as an un-navigable wave of abstracted shapes and lights, a torrent of moments and a flood of sensory stimuli,” comments the gallery.

Additionally, collectors can enjoy the abstract work of Andrew Mackenzie, which explores the history of art, aesthetics and man’s relationship with his natural environments.

“Inspired by his native Scotland, Mackenzie’s paintings show the manmade and the natural world irrevocably entangled,” the gallery explained.

Work by Anthony Francis, James Lumsden, Jenny Pockley, John Hoyland, Maisie Broadhead and more are featured on the walls of the gallery.

Sarah Myerscough Fine Art was established in 1998 as a space for emerging and established British artists, featuring a range of paintings, photographs and applied arts with the aim of encouraging innovation.

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