Australian art arrives in London

While we have Constable, Holland has Van Gogh, Spain has Dali and France has Monet, when it comes to Australia’s fine art heritage the names are somewhat less familiar.

But that could be about to change with the opening of the new Australia exhibit at the Royal Academy in London. This is a unique opportunity to explore the art heritage and history of an often overlooked cultural hub.

Royal academy of arts, London
Spanning 200 years of work, this exhibition boasts art dating back to the 1800s while modernity is on display via a series of multimedia pieces that are sure to capture the eyes, ears and minds of visitors.

Alongside this is a heady mix of drawings, paintings and watercolours alongside striking photography from some of the leading figures in the Australian art scene.

It all makes for a comprehensive assault on the senses that successfully captures the sense of the real Australia through a variety of mediums.

Touching on the country’s Aboriginal heritage, as well as it’s colonial and contemporary history, this is an exhibition for anyone with an interest in the country or a keen eye for fine art in its various forms.

All in all, some 200 different works will be put on display, offering up a vibrant journey through the evolution of Australia.

Ambitious in scope but engaging in content, this is one visit that you’ll need to plenty of time aside for, making the opportunity of a short break in the capital a worthy consideration.

With Montcalm Hotels London available across the city and at great prices, getting to the Royal Academy should pose few problems with the gallery located close to both the Piccadilly Circus and Green Park tube stops both nearby.

From there it’s just a case of booking your place for this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition.

Ideal for friends and family alike, this is your chance to learn more about the real Australia and it’s strong, deep art heritage and the people that shaped it.

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