Canary Wharf plans new art exhibition

An art installation by a Dutch designer will help to liven up the dark winter nights in London’s Canary Wharf.

The large artwork has been created as part of the annual Winter Lights exhibition that is organised by the Canary Wharf Group to help counteract the gloomy evenings that set in around this time of year.

Entitled Marbles, the piece is designed by Daan Roosegaarde and features eight glowing forms which come alive when touched. Visitors staying in Montcalm London Hotel will be able to see the art in situ when it is installed on January 8th within Jubilee Park on top of the Canary Wharf Jubilee line tube station.

“Roosegarde’s Marbles reflects the demise of traditional childhood games, such as marbles, and the current obsession with interactive technology, questioning how it can be used in a more social manner,” said Keith Watson from Canary Wharf Group.

He added: “This shows how art reflects, and often spearheads, the recent rapid change in interactive technology. We can expect to see more of this in future, not only at Canary Wharf, but around the world.”

The piece will remain on display until March 2nd and is set to become a major talking point for commuters and visitors to London’s famous business district.

Canary Wharf will also host the annual London Ice Sculpting Festival this month. As well as a competition to find the best sculptors, the event has a special snow-filled pit where visitors are invited to throw snowballs and build snowmen.

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