Celebration of roaring 1920s comes to London

Tourists staying in luxury suites in London this month may be interested in attending a major new exhibition that celebrates the art of the roaring 1920s.

The exhibition, entitled Age of Elegance 1890 – 1930, will open at the Guildhall Art Gallery and Roman Amphitheatre on Saturday February 11th and will last until May 28th.

A wide range of paintings and artistic works from the fin de siècle to the roaring 1920s period will be on show, giving art lovers a nostalgic view back into a bygone age.

Among the paintings on show at the exhibition include a portrait by John Lavery of his wife the socialite Lady Lavery and the painting The Garden of Eden (1901) by Hugh Goldwyn Riviere, which depicts a young couple enjoying a stroll through a park in London.

Highlights of the exhibition also include Mowing Bracken painted by Henry Hubert La Thangue in 1903, which is a portrait of a young farm worker collecting crop to be used for thatching and as winter bedding.

Throughout the run of the exhibition, attendees will also have the opportunity to see a selection of works from a group of artists and designers that were inspired by the portrait of Lady Lavery.

Sonia Solicari, principal curator at Guildhall Art Gallery and Roman Amphitheatre, said all of the paintings featured in the exhibition have been drawn from the gallery’s permanent collection.

“Many of them haven’t been exhibited for decades so thanks to the hard work of our team of conservators, this is an opportunity to showcase some rarely seen gems,” she said.

“The period from 1890 – 1930 is a transitory one for British art, which was still emerging from an eclectic legacy of Victorian styles, so we hope that the works on display will raise all sorts of questions about Britain’s artistic identity at this time.”

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