Claw your way to SEA LIFE this February

If you or your kids have an interest in the creatures that lurk beneath the surface of the ocean then a trip to SEA LIFE at the London Aquarium could well be for you, as a brand new exhibit is set to go on display from next month.

While the venue is known for being home to a wide array of fish and marine mammals, all of which glide graciously through the water in the aquarium’s many enormous tanks, the latest addition to London’s premier underwater discovery centre features aquatic creatures of a rather different style.

Underwate with sea life creatures
Opening on February 15th, CLAWS will enable visitors to get up close and personal with some of the ocean’s prickliest characters, with the exhibit being dedicated to crustaceans.

Among the hard-shelled residents that guests will be able to meet are the likes of the enormous Japanese spider crab, which grows to an impressive 12 feet in length and is one of the true monsters of the deep.

Blue lobsters will also be on show as part of the display, along with an exciting range of other crab-like creatures.

As always, London Aquarium has gone to great lengths to ensure the exhibit is as interactive as possible, with a specially designed crawl-through tunnel that enables visitors to get underneath the tanks, observing the crustaceans from all angles.

There will also be a giant mechanical claw that can be examined in order to gain greater insight into how these powerful pincers actually work, while a range of other artefacts will give visitors the opportunity to feel the hardness and sharpness of these claws and shells.

Of course, if the idea of crustaceans freaks you out, you can always stick to the aquarium’s other areas, where you’ll be able to see many of the most impressive creatures in the ocean, such as sharks, dolphins and octopuses.

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