Even the London Dungeon has a summer fete

It’s summertime, which means there’s loads of fun and games to be had all across London, with the city coming to life in an explosion of joy and sunshine each year at this time. However, one place that tends to abstain from such revelry and merriment is the London Dungeon, where guests are given a look at the capital’s somewhat murkier side, thanks to the many devilish characters from the city’s shady past that lurk within this unique attraction.

This year, though, that could be about to change, as the nasty residents of the London Dungeon have decided to get in on the act by hosting their very own Summer Carnivale from July 26th to August 31st.

London Dungeon
Naturally, this will be no ordinary summer fete, and will in fact be a rather terrifying experience as the grim and menacing creatures who call the venue home come out to play and enjoy the season as only they know how.

Guests will be greeted upon arrival by the London Dungeon’s Victorian Bakers, who will make an announcement about the many wonders that can be found inside. From here, visitors will pass through the disorienting Hall of Mirrors, before being confronted by the Knife-Throwing Torturer.

Other attractions at the Summer Carnivale include tarot card readings with the resident fortune teller, as well as the chance to take a look at a range of carnival-themed lairs, all of which will be suitably infested with rats, cockroaches and other nasty critters.

The London Dungeon is also home two fantastic rides and 18 wonderful shows, all of which help to paint a picture of more than 1,000 years of London’s dark and dingy history. The venue is located on the South Bank of the Thames, just a stone’s throw from other major attractions such as the London Eye, and can be accessed in less than 20 minutes from the Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch.

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