Explore These Amazing Castles and Palaces near London

If you’ve never visited London, how will you picture it in your mind? Most of the people will picture London as a beautiful city with several historical architectures and establishments. They will imagine the capital to be a filled with pleasant looking people, dressed in perfectly tailored suits or gowns, drinking tea in their gardens or perhaps, a royal ceremony in progress where everything is simply picture-perfect. Well, you can be right about the historical establishments and the royal ceremonies but rest, the city is not a fairyland for sure.

But if you are determined to see such places near London, visit the castles located in the vicinity of the city. They are truly spectacular. Explore these castles and palaces located near London and literally walk through the history of Britain –

• Hever Castle – Set in 125 acres of green, beautiful expanse in the heart of Kent near London, this stunning castle was the paternal home of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII. The property belongs to the 13th Century and is full of historical artefacts and paintings. Do not forget to explore the garden mazes of the castle – Yew Maze, which measures more than 80 sq. feet and the Water Maze, which is constructed with stepping stones over the lake.

Leeds Castle

• Leeds Castle – The best part about this castle is that you can actually step inside the Queen’s bedroom and see what it looks like. In order to reach the castle, you’ll first have to walk through the Wood Garden and then you’ll have to cross the grounds as well. The extensive property also features a maze, a grotto and an aviary.

• Windsor Castle – The largest as well as the oldest inhabited castle of the world, Windsor Castle is still used by the members of the Royal British Family to host a number of events or simply to spend their weekends, away from the city.

Windsor Castle near London

• Arundel Castle – If you’ve started from London, it’ll take you a good hour and a half to reach this castle. But once you’ll be there, you’ll love it. Located in West Sussex, Arundel Castle is the home to some priceless artefacts and historical treasures.

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