Falling in Love with London

London has been a part of my bucket list along with places like Paris, Rome and Egypt since forever. I had a habit of collecting photographs and postcards of different places and adding the most beautiful or appealing ones to my wish list. My collection had a lot of postcards with photographs of the Colosseum, the Great Sphinx, Eiffel Tower and the Big Ben. It wasn’t just these particular monuments that attracted me so, it was the legacy and the feel of the cities that was the most intriguing part. I was amazed at how, even in these modern times, these cities have preserved their cultural heritage in their structures.

I was super excited about seeing London and all the while on my flight to the city I was planning where I would go and what I would do. So after checking-in the hotel, I immediately rushed to the Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster, which is also called the Houses of Parliament. My hotel was close by so I had no problem whatsoever to reach these iconic structures. Watching those epic structures for real was overwhelming.

I Love London
The entire Central London is an amazing place. It has got an electric vibe that keeps everyone engaged. Amidst the classic Victorian architecture lie modern world’s best shopping streets, top class restaurants and hotels. I was staying close to the Hyde Park, which is just minutes away from shopping streets like Oxford Street and Bond Street. I did not take a cab instead decided to walk towards the Oxford Street from my Montcalm hotel in Bayswater. It took me about 25 minutes to reach there. I could have taken the tube but I wanted to spend some time on London streets.

I spent 3 hours around the Oxford Street, shopping and taking pit stops at the amazing line-up of restaurants, lounge and cafes. I had been in London for just above 5 hours and already I was in love with it.

All I wanted to do was keep on exploring the city I have adored was so long, but it started to rain and I found refuge in a nearby café which served amazing fish and chips. It was the perfect beginning of a memorable trip.

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