Flambe embraced at The Drift

Foodies staying in spa hotels in London may want to combine their relaxing stay with the full-blown flambe menu at The Drift Bar.

The Liverpool Street landmark venue, ideal for those in central London hotels, sees the head chef make a personal appearance at diners’ tables.

There he sets up a stove, ingredients and tools where he will cook up a two-course meal from scratch.

“The inspiration for The Drift has come from contemporary drinking and dining experiences from around the world,” explained the venue.

“Combining modern British gastronomic trends and service together with an array of cutting edge influences from as far afield as California.”

Environmentally-conscious food fans can feel good about their stay at the restaurant as it recently established its Buttercup Project – a commitment to sustainability.

The Drift is also known for its array of drinks, with food critics praising its cocktail menu.
“The cocktail menu is fantastic and imaginative, we wanted to try them all,” gushed We Love Food It’s All We Eat.

The Evening Standard joined in, saying: “Throw in excellent service and Europe’s largest private aquarium into the mix, and there’s enough reason to stay until the early hours”.

A host of a variety of themed-events, the venue will be staging its Retro Drift night on February 10th. Stepping back in time to the swinging 60s, the vintage cocktail party bills itself as Mad Men meets the Avengers.

Visitors are encouraged to dress in sharp suits, chic dresses and enjoy novelty but expertly made cocktails.

“DJs will be spinning the sophisticated sounds of bossa nova, soul, sound track, mod, beat and vintage rock. Free entry. From 20:00 to late,” explained the venue.

Those on romantic London getaways can also stop in on The Drift on Valentine’s Day for its own take on the “sweetest day of the year”.

“Impress your loved one by treating them to lunch or dinner at The Drift,” urged the group.
Candlelight will enrich the venue, while the three course meal is doled out alongside special Russian rose Martinis.

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