Get Smart and Beat Airport Security Delays

Going on holiday is great. Every one of us craves a change of scene from time to time. It is exciting to plan a vacation, book amazing places to stay and shop for the ‘holiday wardrobe’! It is only when we get to the airport that the annoyingly long process of airport security acts as a dampener to the whole mood.

Getting through airport security in a proper way is essential, for our own safety. But with the highly stringent procedure, it takes unnecessary time to get past it and feels more of a hassle. But, if you’re prepared for the check in advance, you can just breeze through the whole thing, with your holiday mood intact! Here’s how:

Online Check-In
You can beat the check-in counter queues by checking in to your flight online, as early as 48 hours before flying. This helps speed things up right from the start as you will simply be handed over a printout of your boarding pass, minus the hassle.

Travel Luggage

Travel Light
Don’t carry too much luggage with you, it will delay you unnecessarily. Check-in as much baggage as you can and only keep a small handbag with essentials. If you’re travelling with an infant, keep all your baby essentials in an easy-to-carry rucksack.

Know What Not To Carry
Check beforehand about the airline and airport policies on what you can carry onboard and what is not allowed. Generally no sharp things, such as swiss knives, scissors, safety pins, forks, etc are allowed onboard the flight. Liquids more than 100 ml in quantity, too are not allowed. The policies on infant food differ from airline to airline so do a thorough check before you head to the airport.

Don’t Overdress
Airport security almost makes you strip, so make sure you dress light on your travel. Avoid belts, rings, chains, etc as they will take up a lot of your time in removing, not to mention, annoy the other passengers as well!

Keep Electronics Accessible
All electronics at the airport are scanned, so if you want to carry yours on the plane with you, keep them handy. This includes your laptop, mobile phone, camera, iPads, iPods and CD players. Just dump it all onto the security tray and pick them up at the other end.

It is simple to get past airport security without causing unnecessary delays. A little preparation before, goes a long way!

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