Gourmet Street Food in London

Street food has been in existence since the ancient Roman civilisation and has always attracted the attention of people who wish to taste something different from the type of food that they cook at home or what is available in restaurants. It is indeed a completely different food culture and like everything else, it has evolved over time. Starting from fairly greasy food, gourmet street food in London is now found in food trucks that are parked in various places such as festivals, markets and events around the city. In fact, they can be found in any place that draws a lot of people including chefs, critics and serious foodies.

Delicious Food
There are many people who dream of owning and running a restaurant but are unable to do so because of paucity of funds, high rents of suitable places and expected high overhead expenses. For them, the idea of gourmet street food in London clicks very well because there will very low investment and low overhead expenses. They can buy a dilapidated trailer at negligible cost and spend some money in rennovating it and they can park it at a strategic street corner, parking lot, a business park or in an events grounds. The biggest advantage is that it can easily be moved from one site to another if there is chance of getting better revenue elsewhere. The owner can use all his creative talents to paint the trailer brightly to match the food that is being sold and he can create his personal style of cuisine that will be different from the normal food that we eat at home and may appeal to many people.

The biggest advantage of selling gourmet street food in London is that a great venue this year may not be that great next year and you will not be stuck with a fixed restaurant with rent and overheads. You can easily pack up and move to the next venue and so on. If you are prepared to work late hours, you can easily reap profits by placing the trailer near late nightclubs. You can also place a coffee trailer at a strategic place to take advantage of morning peak-hour business.

Different types of food are supplied by different gourmet street food vendors ranging from fire-roasted mielies on the cob to a gourmet schwarmas or pancakes. The mobile vendors also offer hotdogs, burgers, chicken, Chinese, Thai, Mediterranean, as well as coffee-on-the go. There are endless options of food items.

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