Grooms offered top speech giving tips

Grooms looking to book wedding venues in London may be interested in the advice offered by Simon Bucknall, a professional speaker and wedding speech advisor.

Those worried about delivering their speech on the big day need to remember that the audience is on their side, according to the expert and founder of

“Many people feel pressure – [they think] ‘oh I’ve got to be very good and what if I look silly?’ On your wedding day of all days – the audience is your friend,” he remarked.

Furthermore, people were told to give themselves permission to feel however they feel, even if it’s anxious, but to rethink of it as “adrenaline not nerves”.

While giving their speech in party venues in London, grooms and best men need to think of their addresses as a conversation, rather than reading off a sheet or from cards.

“If you sit down and have a drink in a pub with a friend, is that the sort of tongue you want for a speech? Many people switch into presentation mode [when giving a speech], but my advice would be treat it as a conversation – one where you just happen to be doing most of the talking,” he explained.

If all else fails, husbands-to-be can provide their spouses with a stay in relaxing spa hotels in London to make up for any fluffed lines or embarrassing anecdotes.

The Montcalm hotel, one of the top hotels in Marble Arch, offers a range of relaxing and pampering treatments in its Wellness Centre.

“If you’d like some added relaxation then try a blissful treatment in the Montcalm Spa which is well equipped with four treatment rooms, an exercise pool, whirlpool, steam room, sauna and gym to compliment the experience,” explained the hotel.

The spa is open from 7am to 11pm and offers spa treatments such as facial treatments, body treatments, massages, special treatments for men, hands and feet and even waxing and finishing touches.

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