Have a scary time in London

Visitors to the capital can enjoy staying in some wonderful London hotels, many of which are very modern buildings. But for some the greatest appeal of the metropolis is the wide array of historic structures in a city that dates back to Roman times.

For those who believe in ghosts, many of the old buildings in London hold a particular satisfaction. Hampton Court in Richmond is believed to be among the most haunted of all.

This former residence of King Henry VIII holds evening ghost tours in the autumn and winter months, with the first one in 2013 being staged on October 31st, naturally enough.

Ghost Tours
Beginning at 19;00, 19;30 and 20:00 GMT, these tours cost £27.50 to take part in and tickets will be on sale from September 16th. They do not go all over the palace, but they do visit the parts where some of the past residents have apparently not quite left – including three of King Henry’s wives and many others who died on the site.

The walk starts with a warm drink at the Tittyard Cafe and participants should be dressed for some outdoor sections and cold weather. Some might want to bring running shoes. Highlights include King Henry VIII’s chambers and the chance to walk down the haunted gallery alone. Well, maybe alone..

Some people, of course, may come along to enjoy the fun while retaining a deep scepticism that ghosts actually exist. However, there have been many reported sightings down the years and in 2009 there was even an apparent filming on CCTV of a skeletal spectre throwing open the security doors.

Visitors to London can reach Hampton Court easily, as the railway station of that name lies close by just across the Thames and is served by trains from Waterloo.

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