London nominated to become Eighth Wonder of the World

The title of Wonder of the World is certainly not something that should ever be taken lightly, with some of the most historically and culturally significant sites and landmarks currently included in both the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World and the Seven New Wonders of the World.

The fact that the city of London is now a contender to join this elite club should therefore provide some sort of indication of just how amazing the place is, as it could find itself ranked alongside other attractions like the Colosseum in Rome, Peru’s Machu Picchu, the city of Petra and other incredible locations.

A vote is currently being held by Virtual Tourist, in which members of the public are being asked for their thoughts on which of the world’s major landmarks should be considered the Eighth Wonder of the World, and London is among the places nominated in the poll.

Other sites in with a shot of joining the list include the likes of Bora Bora, the Grand Palace in Brussels, the Empire State Building and the Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize, although we feel that London offers a little something extra that none of these places can match.

Even the famous Galapagos Islands – where Charles Darwin came up with his theory of natural selection – and New Zealand’s majestic Milford Sound fiord will struggle to pip the British capital to the post, with London being among the world’s most popular tourist destinations for a good reason.

With amazing history and an iconic culture, the city is one of the most fascinating and exciting locations on the planet and is well worthy of being designated the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and the Tower of London are just a few of the wonderful places to see in the city, and anyone interested in learning why the capital is so highly regarded should definitely consider taking a trip to London.

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