London Symphony Orchestra to perform outdoor at Trafalgar Square

Soaring arpeggios, sweeping arias and trying to figure out what the composer is doing with their baton – a night at a symphony hall being serenaded by an orchestra makes for an unforgettable evening out.

And those looking to enjoy a unique taste of Stravinsky can enjoy the first of three open-air evenings announced by the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) this week, set to take place in the capital’s Trafalgar Square in May.

The free concert will see the Barbican-based orchestra play full works by Igor Stravinsky, including The Rite of Spring and the Firebird Suite, while surrounded by the plinths and statue that make up the tourist hot spot

And the Orchestra will be even joined for part of the performance by 150 child singers, as part of the LSO’s Discovery education programme.

Scheduled in for the evening of Saturday May 12th, the concert is one of three planned events, set to be repeated in 2013 and 2014, although details are  to be announced closer to the time.

Thousands are expected to flock from luxury hotels in London and homes around the capital for the one-off event, held in partnership with the Arts Council England.

The open-air event is not the only concert the LSO will be throwing this season.

Those in the capital at any one of the many conference facilities in London can enjoy a lunch break concert thanks to a partnership between the LSO and BBC Radio 3. Weekly sessions run throughout the season, with solo performances by violinist Nicola Benedetti and harpsichordist Mahan Esfahani coming up.

Meanwhile, the Orchestra will continue to celebrate the life and work of Stravinsky in early summer with the LSO’s Stravinsky Festival.

Playing works such as Renard – the tale of a fox who makes his career tricking farm dwellers – and The Soldier’s Tale, the story of a soldier who sells his soul to the devil, a series of daytime and evening events are scheduled throughout May.

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