London’s 02 Arena to present extreme Nitro Circus

Next month will see a one-off performance in London by the famous Nitro Circus.

On December 3rd, the popular London venue will host a series of stunts performed by the cast of the circus and will showcase a whole host of extreme sports.

The cast on the night will include multi-medallist at the X Games Travis Pastrana as well as world record holders Jolene Van Vugt, Eric Rooner, Jim De Champ, Special Greg and Dusty Wygle.

They will all be taking part in a mix of live extreme sport stunts including a ten man continuous back flip stunt, jumping off a 50-foot ramp in a Barbie car and a whole host of other acts involving motocross bikes, BMXs and skateboards.

Nitro Circus has already performed across the US, Australia and New Zealand and reviews of the thrilling show have been positive. It is expected that visitors staying at central London hotels will be just as impressed when the circus appears at the O2 Arena.

The circus is performing as part of an on-going European tour, which includes a multi-million dollar set that has to be transported on ten lorries from venue to venue.

Nitro Circus Live managing director Michael Porra explained to the Cairns Post the show is definitely impressive.

“It’s every bit as big as something like The Rolling Stones coming to town, in terms of the size of set,” added Mr Porra.

Entrance to the show costs from £39 per ticket and is expected to be very popular so people are being advised to book in advance.

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