Pay tribute to Robin Williams at the Peter Pan monument in London

Following the tragic news of the death of one of the greatest comedians and actors of all time, fans of Robin Williams around the world will be paying tribute to him by reliving some of the greatest on-screen moments of his career.

Among the many hugely popular movies in which Williams starred was the 1991 smash hit Hook, in which he played a grown-up Peter Pan who returns to Neverland following an extended absence and must rediscover his past before defeating Captain Hook.

Peter Pan Statue
Watching the film is a great way to commemorate the passing of the actor himself, although if you’d like to get a little closer to the legend that he helped bring to life then a trip to London could be in order.

More specifically, you’ll need to head to Kensington Gardens, where the famous Peter Pan statue is located.

Author JM Barrie, who created the iconic character in 1902, commissioned the monument to be built just next to the Long Water, which is the exact spot where Peter Pan first appears in the story The Little White Bird.

Barrie lived close to Kensington Gardens, and used the location as the inspiration for the story, before later dedicating an entire novel to the boy who wouldn’t grow up when he released Peter Pan and Wendy in 1914.

It is thought that he had intended to write a sequel in which Peter returns to Neverland as an adult, yet never got round to it. However, with the making of Hook many decades later, the story was finally completed, with Robin Williams playing the starring role in the Oscar-nominated hit.

Many other iconic London attractions, such as Westminster Palace, also appear in Hook, so if you’d like to relive the magic of the film then be sure to book yourself into a Luxury London hotel and visit all of these key landmarks.

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