Regular massage can ease chronic back pain

Guests staying at spa hotels in London may find that having a massage or two eases any back problems they have.

According to a study by experts in the US, regular massage therapy can help those who suffer from chronic back pain.

During a ten-week research programme, parents who were offered weekly massage sessions used fewer painkillers for their ailments.

According to Reuters Health, they also spent less time in bed than those who received the usual care for back pain.

The therapy they were given was either structural massage or relaxation message, as is often available in hotel spas.

Richard Deyo of the Oregon Heath and Science University said that two-thirds of the patients in the massage group saw a “substantial improvement” in their pain.

This was true of just one-third of those in the non-massage group.

However, the study did show that the benefits of message for back pain sufferers diminish after six months.

This suggests that regular therapy is needed for patients to feel the full effects.

Mr Deyo pointed out that exercise remains one of the best treatments for back pain, insisting it can help people function better on a daily basis.

At The Montcalm hotel, as well as spa facilities, there is also a fitness centre where guests can use treadmills, elliptical trainers, fitness bikes and other equipment.

For those staying in luxury suites, complimentary in-room massages are offered, although guests can enjoy a more extensive choice of therapies in The Montcalm Spa.

These include aromatherapy, hot stone and deep tissue massages, as well as reflexology, Reiki healing, body exfoliation therapies, facials and manicures.

A sauna, a steam room, a monsoon shower, a spa pool, heated loungers and an exercise pool are also available within the spa for guests to enjoy at their leisure.

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