Secrets To Sleeping While Travelling

Travelling can be an amazing experience for children and adults alike, however if there is one thing that is guaranteed to put a dampener on the proceedings, it is tiredness. Sleeping well can be problematic when travelling due to being out of your normal routine and in a foreign country or bedroom.

If you are travelling around London, staff at The Montcalm Hotel have gone the extra mile to ensure that your comfort is paramount during your stay, with sumptuous bedroom suites for you to sink into at the end of a long old day. Boasting superior style and attention to detail, the luxurious rooms available include a choice of five exotic aromas to fill your room with, and even a pillow menu to ensure that you are as relaxed as possible.

In addition to seeking the very best in accommodation, travellers can prepare themselves to combat tiredness and jetlag with stress free slumber by following these simple tips:

Get into the new time zone- If you are travelling abroad, move back the time of your household clocks regularly up to a week before hand and go to bed by a few minutes later or earlier each night until you are operating on almost the same time frame and zone as your holiday destination.


Relax- Do whatever you need to do to relax and rest, whetherthat is using your own bedding, aromatherapy oils, taking a hot bath or shower or visiting a local spa to ensure you are fully relaxed and ready to rest your head.

Turn off the TV- It is widely documented that screens stimulate our brains, so stop watching and using screens such as laptops, tablets and smart phones for at least 30 minutes prior to getting ready for bed.

Watch what you eat- Not only must you ensure that you eat hot food that it is thoroughly cooked, but also pay attention to what you have. All too often a holiday becomes an excuse to eat like pigs and overindulge, and this can result in stomach upsets and bloating all off which effects your ability to relax and sleep at night.

Stick to your routine- Of course there will be the off night here and there where you are needed to stay up late, but by and large keep tour normal bedtime routines so that you can get plenty of rest ahead of the next day’s adventures.

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