Special London Tours To Enjoy

London is not just about historical landmarks. All those who want to experience more of London can plan to take up tours that will let you experience a memorable holiday visit to the city.

The Blood and Tears Walk

London’s history is not so rosy. It has a macabre history. If you turn the pages, you will come across many events that involves witchcraft, executions, torture, Jack the Ripper and much more – Gruesome, Grisly and lots of fun. Take a walk through the historical monuments and history of London.

The Shakespeare City Walk

Shakespeare has been a well-known literary figure. His works are still recognised in the modern world. In this walk, get acquainted with Shakespeare’s life- where he lived, worked and played in the city of London. Live Shakespeare’s life and trace his footsteps.

Jack the Ripper
Jack the Ripper Walking Tour

In 1888, Jack the Ripper has terrorised the city streets at night. Tread through the sites where he butchered his victims and find yourself stumped by the mystery – who was he?

Film Walks

It does not matter whether you are a Harry Potter fan or of Sherlock Holmes, movie buffs can enjoy the themed walks by Brit Movie Tours, all of which will give you feel the movie.

Royal Wedding Walking Tour

All those who want to immerse themselves in the romantic story of Kate and William can take this Royal Wedding walking tour. With this tour you will get to know how their relationship grew.

Walking Tour of 2012 Olympic Sites

London was proud of hosting the Olympics in 2012. Though it is over, but you can still take an exhilarating walking tour some of the major sites associated with the Olympics.

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