Spectators to provide Olympic power

A walkway to the London 2012 Olympic Park will be lit-up by the footsteps of spectators including people enjoying stays at luxury hotels london.

Connecting West Ham Station to the Park, the walkway makes use of 12 energy harvesting tiles and over the course of the Olympics will receive 12 million steps to produce 72 million joules of energy. This is enough to power a small electric car for nearly 400 laps of the Olympic track or charge 10,000 mobiles for one hour.

The eco-friendly energy will light the walkway for eight hours at full power during the night and during the rest of the time it will be lit at half power.

David Stubbs, head of sustainability at the London Organising Committee, said: “We want people coming to the Games to be able to do their bit for the environment and this is a great example where, literally in a few steps, people can actively contribute towards making these truly sustainable Games.”

The renewable technology was commissioned by the Olympic Delivery Authority and made by British-based renewable energy technology company Pavegen Systems Ltd.

Meanwhile, many of the team officials have started moving into the Olympic Village ahead of the arrival of the athletes on July 15th.

Olympic Village mayor Charles Allen said: “The arrival of team officials marks the beginning of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games for the village.”

Over the course of the Games, a total of 2,818 apartments across 11 residential blocks will be occupied as competitors prepare to take part in the largest sporting event in the world.

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