The Garden of England comes to London next month

Acclaimed British textile artist Alice Kettle has created three specially commissioned works for the Queen’s House this spring, as part of the inaugural project of the new Royal Museums Greenwich contemporary art programme.

Entitled The Garden of England, the works respond to the history and architecture of the celebrated building designed by Inigo Jones, as well as the stories of the queens and courtiers that have graced the house in the past.

The first piece, entitled Flower Helix, is a white shower of plants that are reminiscent of the floral pattern of Queen Anne’s lace. The tribute forms a deconstructed geometry in order to create the impression of a cascade of flowers tumbling through the area.

The centre of the north-west parlour sees Flower Bed, which echoes the rich patters and embroidery that the 16th and 17th century courts were known for.

Individual flower heads that will be scattered around the room can be picked up visitors and taken away, so those that head to the city as part of a romantic spent in one of the luxury hotels in London can take away a memento with them.

Also in the north-west parlour sits the stitched portrait depicting the woman that oversaw the completion of the house upon the death of Queen Anne of Denmark, entitled Queen Henrietta Maria.

Taken together, the three pieces in The Garden of England perfectly reflect the original use of the Queen’s House, which was a retreat from the hustle and bustle of royal life and a place of reception in the Tudor and Stuart Palace.

The exhibition will be opening up on March 14th and will be available for the public to look around until August 18th. It is completely free for people to enjoy.

Visitors to the city won’t have to worry too much about getting to the Queen’s House as it is situated close by to the Greenwich and Cutty Sark Tube stops.

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