Top London shows extend their booking periods

Getting tickets to a West End play is always a great way to enjoy an evening out in the capital, and anyone planning on doing so in the near future will be pleased to hear that two of city’s most popular shows have just extended their booking runs, thereby giving more people the chance to see them.

Stomp, which is currently playing at the Ambassadors Theatre, is among the most unique and exhilarating extravaganzas you’re ever likely to see, with the cast of eight making use of everyday items like dustbin lids and brooms to create a beat that is sure to get your heart pounding and your feet… well, stomping.

Blending drama, comedy, dance and percussion, it really is unlike anything you’ve ever seen – or heard – before, and has been thrilling audiences and critics alike since it first appeared on the London stage back in 2002.

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If you’ve not yet had the chance to enjoy this amazing show then you may want to take advantage of the fact that its booking period has just been extended until December 2015, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a date with some tickets available.

Elsewhere in London, St Martin’s Theatre is the current home of the world’s longest-running stage show, Mousetrap. Having first opened in the West End all the way back in 1956, the play has been thrilling audiences for over 60 years, and is set to continue doing so after it was announced that the show will be extending its run until at least June 27th 2015.

Based on a murder mystery written by Agatha Christie, the show was originally written as a radio play, but has achieved huge success on the London stage.

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