Underground Christmas launched at Brunel Museum

Guests in The Montcalm London Hotels looking for a unique Christmas adventure may want to attend Underground Christmas.

Located in what was once described as a Wonder of the World, the Grand Entrance Hall of the Thames Tunnel, the event features the input of a number of entertainers and theatre production experts.

“Descend by short tunnel and temporary staircase into a secret chamber, half the size of Shakespeare’s Globe, for a Christmas gift and adventure,” explained the Brunel Museum.

“Celebrity stories penned by Michael Palin, Zoe Wanamaker, Peter Ackroyd and Jo Brand, all told underground by the light of Boggett’s patent prismatic reflectors and in the shadow of the celebrated bottle pantomimic equilibrist .”

Ideally located for those staying in luxury London hotels this winter, the Christmas festivities happen every Saturday and Sunday until December 24th.

Visitors to the venue can also take other cultural events, such as Manu Delago and Special Guests.

“Manu Delago is currently [the] Hang player and drummer in Bjork’s Biophilia project,” added organisers.

“The Austrian percussionist has played the Hang, a new hand-played sound sculpture, in more than twenty countries around the world.”

Delago’s YouTube video of his solo piece Mono Desire hit the website’s top 30 section, with more than four million hits.

He has been praised by newspaper critics, such as the Times, which has labelled him a “virtuoso”, and The Telegraph, which described him as a “masterful and sensitive musician”.

The star will play at the venue on December 7th, with tickets costing £8 or guests being give the option to “pay what you can”.

Furthermore, December 17th sees Ayanna Witter-Johnson perform her award-winning show, which features her classically trained vocal work and cello playing.

The venue, housed inside what was Marc Brunel’s Engine House, was built in 1842 and was once used to house the steam engines that drove the pumps to keep the Thames Tunnel dry.

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