Fun in the Sun this London Summer


Sun in London can seem like a rare thing when you are buried in the grey heart of winter. When Spring and Summer roll around and the light finally breaks through it is a truly beautiful thing. Where before there were empty spaces and hurrying people with their coats turned up, there are now pop up bars and Londoners finding every excuse to get outdoors and soak up the treasured rays. If you are planning to come to London then make sure to do it in the summer; check in to the Montcalm in Marble Arch and stay right on the edge of the glorious Hyde Park. There are lots of excellent ways to enjoy the summer so hurry up and join us. Times are a-wasting.

Rooftop Bars

As someone who likes walking everywhere I go, I’ve always appreciated the fact that London is an extremely flat city;you seldom find yourself having to toil up hills. Another perk is that any time you do get high up you are treated to a positively astounding view of the city. London’s more enterprising barkeeps have used this to their advantage and created one of my favorite modern trends; the rooftop bar. You can find them all over now, from classy rooftop gardens in Kensington to hip car parks in Peckham. For an excellent drink and an even more excellent view make your way to a rooftop bar this summer.


While not purely a summer pursuit there can be no question that festivals are far more enjoyable under the sun. Nothing quite dampens the spirits like the rain and cold. Dancing in the sunshine with the beats of your favorite bands shaking the air is an experience like no other. If you love music you already know that live is the best way to listen to music; get out in the sun and enjoy music as it was meant to be experienced. Not that musical is the only kind of festival in London;food festivals spring up across the city, including a regular one every weekend in Camden. Each one has enough food to keep you busy for about a weeks’ worth of meals and all of deliciously high standard. Eating in the sunshine with incredible food and maybe a pint in hand is wonderful; be sure you give it a go this summer.


Walking through the city is such an easily overlooked activity. If you live here you tend to dismiss the city as just an obstacle between you and wherever you need to be;if you’re holidaying you tend to be so busy visiting designated tourist locations that you forget to just enjoy London. Whoever you are though if you don’t take the time occasionally to just go for a walk then you’re really missing out. London is incredibly beautiful in the summer; parks every few streets add delightful patches of green to the ancient architecture. Londoners are drawn out into the streets when the sun is out and you’ll find the area around every pub filled with people drinking and laughing. Parks are full of the sounds of play and laughter. It really is one of the best ways to spend a day, just wandering the streets, soaking up the sun and admiring the world around you.