London Dress Makers


There’s nothing better than the feeling of putting on a brand new dress and hitting the town to show it off. There are plenty of high street shops where you can find all sorts of vintage and luxury dresses but if you want something customised to match your style and personality, London is where you need to be.

The city is full of fashion designers, seamstresses and tailors that specialise in creating some of the best wardrobe fillers in the world. If you’re looking to turn a few heads during your stay at our luxury hotels London, treat yourself to a new outfit from one of the city’s many dressmakers. We’ve put together a selection of our favourites to help you find that killer dress you’re looking for.

Dress maker

Barbara the Dressmaker

Davies Street, London

Right in the heart of Mayfair is where you’ll find this unique designer tailoring studio. Barbara the Dressmaker has become a popular choice for women in London looking for a bespoke style and a unique dress to set them apart from the crowds. Whether you’re looking for a wedding dress, alterations to an existing dress or a totally new outfit for a night on the town, Barbara the Dressmaker will have everything you need. Often catering to high-end clients and celebrities, the tailoring studio is definitely worth checking out if you’re staying at our London boutique Hotels.

London Fashion Workrooms

Parker Stree, London

Whatever your fashion needs are, you can find the answer at the London Fashion Workrooms. Employing a range of experienced tailors and dressmakers, the workroom in Covent Garden has become a one-stop shop for people all over London looking for bespoke service and quality results. If you accidentally ripped one of your favourite dresses while you were unpacking at our luxury hotels London, you can get it professionally repaired by the expert dressmakers at LFW. If you’re travelling to London for a wedding or special event and you can’t find anything to wear, you’ll be the centre of attention with a custom dress from London Fashion Workrooms.


Regent Street, London

When people think of London shopping they think of high-end fashion outlets and luxury boutique brands. If that’s what you’re looking for when you visit London, ZsoZso is the place to go. The gorgeous bespoke designers on Regent Street is home to some of the city’s best and most innovative fashion designers and dressmakers in the country. If you’re looking to splash out and treat yourself to a brand new dress, get it custom made at Zshozsho and experience the amazing quality and high-end fashion that London is famous for.

Margo Stankova

Canada Water, London

As a wedding dress specialist, Margo Stankova specialises in everything from white dresses to bridesmaid ensembles and everything in between. The gorgeous designs and outstanding quality of the dresses at made by this London dressmakers have to be seen to be believed. If you want to know that what you’re wearing is truly unique there’s no place better to go than Margo Stankova.