Ready Set Marathon


The start date of the London Marathon is sprinting closer and it’s time to start making plans. You can expect a good show; whether you’re there to support a friend, or watch the costumed fundraisers, or cheer on the professional athletes giving it their all.  The marathon is excellent fun and it really draws the crowds.It’s a good idea to plan where you are going to watch it from and book yourself in ahead of time.

Be Prepared

Hydration isn’t just important for the athletes running the marathon. If you’re following the runners you’re going to be out in the sun for quite a long time; be sure to bring some water. Bring a couple of snacks to keep your energy up;you need to be at peak energy to give the runners a proper welcome when they finish the race. Another very important part of the preparation process is to pick out a charity. Charity runners are a core part of the London Marathon experience and it’ll give you someone to cheer along as they run past.

To get in the spirit of the day, head out early to Greenwich and have a breakfast in one of the excellent restaurants and cafes near Cutty Sark station. For top quality nosh on the move you can’t overlook the Greenwich Market. Above all make sure you are out on the streets with the crowds ready to cheer your runner on as they start the marathon. After the kick off head into a pub to wait for the crowds to dissipate a bit; no need to force yourself into the crowded tube just yet.

Lunch Time

The best way to watch the race in progress is to take up residence in a pub along the route. The best options are along The Highway or near the top of the Isle of Dogs. The race doubles past these points and gives you a much better continuous view of the spread. Enjoy a delicious lunch and a cool pint and lend your voice to the cheers for your runner. It’s easy to flag in the middle of the marathon as the end seems so far away; be sure you are there cheering loudly to give them the energy to go the distance.

Finish Line and Celebration

With lunch over and the racers nearing the end it is time to make your way to the finish line. It’s a huge moment for the runner to finish a race of this scale and they’ve earned your presence at the end, cheering them on every step. When the race is over it’s time to celebrate. Head out to the bars and restaurants in Soho and Marble Arch and drink a toast to the runners who completed this incredible feat of human endurance.  If the runner you were cheering for is your friend it’s time to treat them to a hearty meal, a pint of ale or 10, and maybe a hotel room so they can shower.