Where to watch fireworks this Bonfire Night


“Remember, remember the fifth of November” is a phrase that rings true for the many holidaymakers who travel to London each year for Guy Fawkes’ Night, as the sky above the capital is lit up with magical pyrotechnic displays that few will forget in a hurry.

Wherever you happen to be staying in London you can be sure that a memorable fireworks show will be staged in pretty close proximity to your accommodation, as huge numbers of parks, sports grounds and other public spaces play host to these breathtaking extravaganzas.

As many people will be aware, the tradition of setting off fireworks on this date goes all the way back to 1605 when Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill King James I with gunpowder.

The plot was ultimately foiled, although Fawkes’ legacy has certainly lived on in the most spectacular fashion, and to this day the Yeoman of the Guard searches the cellars of the Houses of Parliament each year on November 5th.

Among the best places to watch a fireworks display on Bonfire Night is Alexandra Palace in north London, which is home to one of the capital’s best ice skating rinks and also offers amazing views across the city skyline.

While the venue has traditionally hosted a pyrotechnic extravaganza every Guy Fawkes’ Night, the event has in fact not been staged for the past four years, and is bound to be hugely popular as it makes its comeback for 2013.

Taking place a few days before Bonfire Night itself, Ally Pally’s show will be held on November 2nd and has been created by Star Firework, the current British Firework Champions.

Elsewhere, Ealing cricket Ground will also be hosting a fireworks show on November 2nd, while parks in places like Southwark, Finchley, Camden and Islington will be putting on their own light displays as well.