Scenic Drives Of The UK

Scenic Drives Of The UK

With the end of lockdown in sight, many people across the Uk might be planning their summer holidays as you read this. With June being the ultimate cut off point for all restrictions, you’d be forgiven for thinking that international travel this summer is a sure thing. Unfortunately, this might not be the reality. Whilst many holiday agencies are taking bookings for international flights this summer, refunds and postponements might still be the fate of 2021’s summer months.

Whilst all bets are off in regards to international travel this summer, those living within the UK will be guaranteed the chance to holiday within the country. At just under 242,500 square miles, the UK isn’t impossible to scale by road, taking as little as two working days to drive (traffic dependent!). It’s finding the most scenic routes that are the problem, whilst destinations like London’s Montcalm Marble Arch might be the perfect destination making the journey memorable is another kettle of fish entirely. Below are just some of the most scenic drives in the UK, and how they could elevate your UK holiday from city retreat to legendary journey.

Norwich To Cromer

The 45-minute drive from Norwich to Cromer will whisk you through the flat canal-marked broads, offering sweeping vistas of nature reserves and quaint Norfolk villages. East Anglia is one of the most overlooked areas of Great Britain and is ripe for exploration. Starting in the Norfolk capital of Norwich, the drive to the rustic seaside town of Cromer will have you pass the canal streams and water meadow flats of the National Trust Blickling Estate, as well as providing beautiful views over the North Sea. Furthermore, Norwich is only an hour and a half from London, making it a perfect second destination after a London overnight trip.

Bristol To Blackpool Sands

This two and a half-hour drive from the southwest of England to the fringes of the English Channel will have you pass five separate nature reserves. From Quantock to East Devon, the drive will offer plenty of opportunities for lunch and picnicking spots, all between the historic city of Bristol and the scenic Devon beach.

London To Stonehenge

Whilst the Montcalm care protocol offers safe and secure accommodation in the UK capital, a slice of the great outdoors and nature is what everyone locked down in a city have been itching for this last year. A road trip to the oblique and myth-laden Stonehenge is exactly the antidote to COVID restrictions and should take no more than 2 hours to drive. Alongside the destination’s monolithic structures, your road trip will transport you past the rolling hills of the North Wessex Downs and the lush greens of Cranborne Chase.

London To Brighton

Just an hour outside of London, Brighton is the perfect weekend choice for London getaway deals. Pre-lockdown, the coastal city teemed with summer fun and an electric cultural scene and come summer, the bars, venues and iconic Laines shopping districts will have fully reopened. On top of this, a drive from London to Brighton will have you climb and descend the beautiful South Downs of Sussex on your way into the city. Here you’ll find landmarks such as Devil’s Dyke and Ditchling Beacon, glacial valleys and walking trails that provide incredible views over the South of England.