Three Places in Marble Arch Where You Can Go to Escape the City


While London is a fabulous place to visit and explore, even the most seasoned Londoner needs to get away from the noise and the hustle of the city sometimes.

And London – one of the greenest capitals in the world – has a range of beautiful and well-tended green spaces that you can find and use to take five, centre yourself and, ultimately, enjoy the lush surroundings. And our recommendations are all just a quick hop from The Montcalm London Marble Arch.

So, if you’re wondering where the best places are in Marble Arch to get away from the city for a while, read on.

The Regent’s Park

Just a quick walk from Montcalm’s boutique hotels London, Regent’s Park combines a range of different features, making it one of the most beautiful and serene parks in the capital.


If you’re looking for bubbling water features and a quiet space to relax or maybe read a book, Regent’s Park has just that in the form of the stunning Triton Fountain. Here, you can sit amongst the tended flower beds and trimmed hedgerows, and feel a world away from the traffic and the noise of the city.

But Regent’s Park also offers higher climes where you can get a great, panoramic view of the city from afar – which is especially handy if you’re looking to get some snaps of your visit.

Berkeley Square Gardens

While Berkeley Square Gardens isn’t the biggest green space in London, it is a wonderful retreat from the busy streets of the capital.

Berkeley Square

The park features multiple leafy walkways and enough seating areas that you won’t have any issue finding somewhere to get settled in and watch the world go by at your leisure. One of the things that make Berkeley Square so appealing to locals is the fact that it offers respite from the city right in the heart of London. Moreover, it’s expertly tended and looks gorgeous, with trees overhanging the pathways and seating areas.

And, if you’re looking to do a little art appreciation while you relax and get away from it all, the park has a mixture of modern and classical statues and sculptures dotted about the place. You won’t need to walk more than 15-minutes from The Montcalm London Marble Arch to get to Berkeley Square Gardens, and you’ll be thankful you made the journey.

Hyde Park

This wouldn’t be a list of Marble Arch’s most exceptional green spaces without mentioning the fabulous Hyde Park.


Covering an immense area, Hyde Park makes it easy to escape the noise of the city and provides a great mixture of open spaces and cloistered spots. Aside from the immaculate gardens, the wildlife and the two art galleries on-site – The Serpentine Galleries – Hyde Park also has a large boating lake. So, if you’re in the mood to take to the water or just want to watch others make lazy progress across the Serpentine, you can do just that.

Hyde Park is one of the most famous parks in the world for a reason, and the escape it offers from the city is a bit part of its appeal.