Best Historic Attractions In London

Best Historic Attractions In London

London’s long history dates back to the year 43 CE, when it was founded as Londinium by the Romans. Though not the capital of England at that time, the city quickly grew into an important stop for trading and eventually developed into the capital city it is today. 

We’ve all had a lot of time on our hands over the coronavirus pandemic, and if you’ve been using it to learn more about your dream city escape post-pandemic, then you might be very knowledgeable about London by now. As one of the most popular city holiday destinations in the world, the surface of London hides its 2000-year-old history and with hotels implementing strict safety rules like the Montcalm COVID 19 updates

Hidden beneath the city you’ll find remnants of centuries past, and whether you’re a history buff making a getaway in London or a family searching for activities to fill their holiday, there’ll undoubtedly be something historic and exciting that everyone can enjoy. From museums exploring the city’s history to forgotten landmarks nestled in its heart, this blog outlines some of the most captivating historical attractions in London. 

Tower Of London
Tower Of London

Dating back to the Norman Conquest of Britain, the Tower of London was built by William the Conqueror as an imposing symbol of his rule over the country. The tower once protected the city from marauders but grew into at one point a royal dwelling, an exotic animal menagerie and even as a prison for the notorious Kray Twin gangsters. The Tower of London is now a major tourist attraction, complete with traditional Beefeater guards and the Crown Jewels, which have been on display there for over 600 years.

Jack The Ripper Tour

Walk in the footsteps of one of London’s greatest mysteries and try to work out who was Victorian serial killer Jack The Ripper? For grisly minded guests at The Montcalm Marble Arch Hotel London, the various Jack The Ripper tours around Whitechapel will have you meet and interact with victims of the Ripper and see evidence of the slaughters in the very places they happened. 

Dennis Severs House

Based on Folgate Street in Shoreditch, this Spitalfields museum-cum-art installation is one of the most unique historic attractions in the city. Here you’ll find a house renovated to resemble an 18th-century Huguenot silk-weaving family’s home through the ages and spanning from Georgian to Victorian-era decor, right up to the beginning of the 20th century. This house is made even more authentic by its uneaten food, soundscapes of home life and bedrooms resembling those of the protestant exiles from France. This unique attraction is a beautiful and rather eerie take on museum curation and doubles up as an art piece by the mid-20th-century artist who made his home there.

London Wall

You can still find the remains of this 200 CE wall that once protected London around the Barbican and City of London area. With remains visible from the Museum of London and close to London Bridge, if walls could speak, this one would have a lot to say. 

Museum Of London

Museum Of LondonThe Museum of London can be found in the Barbican area and is free to visit deep dive into the ancient, prehistoric and medieval history of the city. Exploring everything from the Great Fire of London to the Roman rule over the county, you can expect to find relics of Roman clothes and coins, ancient bear skulls from the palaeolithic era and temporary exhibitions that span everything from the London Blitz to the history of punk band The Clash.