London’s Mini-Golf Scene Is An Instant Hole In One

London’s Mini-Golf Scene Is An Instant Hole In One

As the sun comes out and travellers look towards the holidays, London gears itself up for the tourist season through Montcalm Hotel London deals and tourist attraction discounts. Whether that be with music festivals, bars prepping their summer terraces and annual parades and traditions, London has plenty of pop up events and activities for those visiting during the peak season. That being said, there are many outdoor activities that are available come rain or shine. Locals are unwavering in the face of rain, and that’s why the many miniature golf courses in and around parks and attractions are always filled with avid golfers at all times of the year. 

Whether you’re looking to kill time with friends or experience a new way to see the English capital, miniature and crazy golf offers scenic, silly and quite often, eccentric alternatives to London sightseeing. London’s social activity scene has seen a resurgence in recent years, from darts to ping pong, but crazy golf still takes first place, thanks to its charm and quirkiness. Whatever your reason for visiting boutique hotels in London UK, miniature golf can be a refreshing choice for team building exercises, work trips and hilarious days out with family and friends. 

With many courses to choose from in London, this blog will explore some of the weirdest and most wonderful in and around the city. 

Junkyard Golf

Located in the Shoreditch and Liverpool Street area, Junkyard Golf is crazy golf with a capital C. With graffiti, neon signs and blacklight all elevated by a booming soundtrack of party tunes and all round fun. With four themes to its areas all built around and inspired by pop culture music and movies, nearby Montcalm luxury suites London guests needn’t travel far to enjoy this somewhat alternative night out.

Swingers City

Another East London putting mecca, Swingers City was one of the first to emerge from the crazy golf scene in London, and although a pop-up originally, has firmly established itself as one of the funnest nights out in the city. Located near St Mary’s Axe – or the Gherkin Building – Swingers City has two different courses as well as bars and food stalls, focusing on the technical rather than the more elaborate and garish mini golf courses on this list.


Nestled in the heart of White City’s Westfield Shopping Centre, Puttshack is a great way to focus on something other than shopping in the sprawling West London complex. Pitching – and putting – itself somewhere between a golf course and an arcade, the Puttshack utilises electronic displays and holes to glam up and thoroughly modernise this age-old favourite. 

Plonk – London Fields

Whilst the last few offerings on this list have been focused on meticulously designed, indoor fare, Plonk provides a breath of fresh air for those who prefer the pretty sights and sounds of London’s many parks. “Plonked ” right in the heart of East London’s trendy Hackney area, Plonk overlooks the beautiful London Fields park from beneath a set of railway arches. With its own arcade and hot dog stand, this tiki themed course is a perfect way to putt away a summer afternoon.

Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf

Heading out into southwest London now Jurassic Adventure is another 18-hole course set outside on the path of a canal. Don’t worry though, the course is covered by a net, which would be far less protective if the dinosaur models dotted around the course were real. The design is great, and adults will love this Wimbledon-adjacent attraction just as much as the kids do.

Dragon Quest Adventure Golf

From historic lizards to fictional ones, the Dragon Quest Adventure Golf course is a perfect offering in Croydon for kids and fantasy lovers alike. From the outset, you’ll be following lizard shaped footprints around moats, catapults and castles, making for a real challenge across 18 holes, despite its child-friendly theme. 

Pop Golf

This neon tinged golf course takes after Junkyard and Puttshack, incorporating swirling lights, futuristic themed courses and Sunday bottomless drink features. The party atmosphere in this Wembley social hotspot adds to the fun and madness.

Putt In The Park, Battersea

A more traditional outing right on the banks of the River Thames, Putt In The Park keeps it simple, well as simple as crazy golf can get. The courses are a challenge and will transport you back to those sunny British seaside trips you might have taken when you were younger. With water features, bridges and rockeries, the park is scenic and the nearby pizzeria and rum cocktail bar add to the riverside delight. 

Moby Golf

Moby Golf is not only on the eastern frontier of London, but the seas too. Inspired by the epic novel Moby Dick, this 18-hole Romford course is situated close to the aptly named Whalebone Lane and includes lifelike replicas of whale mouths, waterfalls and lakes to navigate. 

Lost Jungle

Situated on the Watford By Pass on the outskirts of North London, Lost Jungle proudly sells itself as one of the largest adventure golf courses in Europe. With a mega 36 hole course to traverse, the fun jungle themes have you swinging your way through Aztec ruins, creepy crawly infested caves and snake pits. With an on-site cafe and a tonne of fun for all ages, this is a perfect day out for families – if they can survive the depths of the jungle – and persevere through the lengthy course.

Dinosaur Safari

It’s surprising that dinosaurs and golf seem to go together so often, as is the case with Dinosaur Safari in Barnet. This 18 hole course has 9 different dinosaur statues along its route, and if you’re a family, dogs are permitted to explore and roam the area too – if they’re not scared off by the prehistoric giants.

Crazy Putt

With beautiful views over the O2 Arena and Greenwich Peninsula, Crazy Putt has 4 courses across the UK and is inspired by 1980s USA. With a restaurant and full size driving range attached to the course, this is the perfect riverside friends night out, especially when the nearby Canary Wharf lights up after sundown.